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Good Security Guards: Why Some Companies Have Them, and Others Don't

What does it take to attract and hold on to outstanding security officers? Read on to find out if you're making these mistakes with your workforce.

099: The Benefits of Simple Guard Management Software

A simple guard tour system offers great benefits to its users, including ROI. Learn why keeping it simple is a better option for most security companies in this article.

094: What You Should Know About Guards Using Their Own Phones

Considering allowing your security officers to use phones in the field? This article will cover some the basics to consider before having guards bring their phones to work.

088: Why Guard Management Software Should Top Your List of Resolutions

Guard management software can cut your costs and liabilities, making your business more successful. See why it should be on your radar to start off the new year.

085: 5 Durable Smartphones to Use for Your Security Operation

If you don't want to pursue a BYOD policy, these tips will help you buy the right smartphone for your security operation.

078: How To Avoid Paying For Company Cell Phones, Even In California

Customer Lawrence Borgens describes how he managed to get rid of company phones without running afoul of California's restrictive employee cell phone laws.

037: Making Guard Management Easier With Silvertrac

Silvertrac's guard tour system makes guard management easier for companies in training, in the field, and in the dispatch center.

027: The Pros and Cons of Having Your Guards Use Their Own Phones

On today's episode, we talk about the pros and cons of allowing employees to bring their own device (BYOD) on the job, specifically for security companies.

011: Travis Taylor Uses a Guard Tour System to Improve His Business

Mobile patrol operator Travis Taylor shares how the Silvertrac Guard Tour system has made his business more efficient on today's episode.

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