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As your security company grows, so do your software needs. Silvertrac Software and Trackforce Valiant allow you to find the perfect balance between simplicity and configurability in your incident reporting, guard tours, and more - no matter what stage your operation is in.

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Get the security reports you need for better decision making - from standard Daily Activity Reports to fully configurable response types and templates.


  1. Features
    Trackforce Valiant
  2. Live-updated incident monitor
  3. Automatically generated Daily Activity Reports
  4. Automated report delivery to you and your clients
  5. Summary reports
  6. Video submission on incident reports
  7. Custom delivery intervals for automated activity reports
  8. Custom reports and response types
  9. Custom report templates
Get Better Reporting

Guard Tours

Features ranging from basic live GPS tracking maps to enhanced alerts always give you as much control as you need to run better guard tours.

  1. Features
    Trackforce Valiant
  2. QR code, NFC tag, or barcode physical checkpoints
  3. Scheduled tour start and end times
  4. Live GPS map of all officer activity
  5. Automated alerts for overdue tours & missed tags
  6. Step-by-step post instructions
  7. GPS-triggered checkpoints
  8. Enhanced alerts with event-specific notifications & geofencing
  9. Lone worker protection
Improve Guard Touring

Trackforce Exclusives

Get access to the most advanced security management features that allow large, complex operations to run more efficiently.

Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)

Monitor your security situation and unify threat analysis across multiple sites.

Push to talk (PTT)

Increase communication between supervisors in the back office and guards in the field.

Equipment Status

Keep track of information like battery life and connection status on every active device from the GSOC.

Visitor Management

Customize visitor profiles, create badges and get real-time access to visitors lists.