Fully Automated Operation Management

The Check Engine Light for Your Operation

Prevent Small Security Issues from Causing Problems

Silvertrac helps prevent guard-specific or general security issues from reaching clients and ties together your total operation to save time, improve client relations, and better track performance. Our guard management software is full of tools that help automate repetitive tasks like geo-fencing that creates a virtual boundary around any property based on a user’s criteria. A supervisor alert triggers when guards report from outside that area.

Automated Supervisor Alerts

All of this ensures guards know exactly what they have to do onsite and makes sure the appropriate supervisor knows if they divert from the plan. Silvertrac makes security operations more efficient and guarantees client's needs are always taken care of through automated supervisor alerts in situations where a guard:

  • Reports from outside a geo-fenced area
  • Misses a checkpoint or leaves one post-order unchecked
  • Has an overdue task that needs to be performed by a specific time
  • Doesn’t hit enough checkpoints within a preset timeframe

Issue-Based Alerts & “If Then” Notifications

Silvertrac also notifies teams in the event of a security issue. Basic notifications send automated alerts when a specified issue comes up. Silvertrac will notify whoever is in charge in the event of a property damage report. Advanced alerts, or “if then” notifications. Let teams stay-up to date on specific property matters. For example, if a noise complaint is reported twice in 24 hours. Silvertrac will automatically notify the on-site manager.

Automated Report Delivery

Automated Report Delivery is a simple, yet powerful tool. With automated report delivery, easily send client reports at the same time every day - directly to their inbox - without any manual labor.

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