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When looking for a guard management solution, it’s important that the features it offers line up with the goals of the customer. But it’s also important that the software provides quality service that helps the customer make the most of their investment. That’s why Silvertrac is ranked the highest reviewed platform in the industry. With Silvertrac, you get three big benefits not found on any other guard management software:

Customer Success Managers

A Silvertrac Customer Success Manager's only job is being dedicated to helping customers get the most of the tools in the system. This means extensive implementation training when getting started on the software, launching new accounts, on-going training and any other advice on using Silvertrac.

Online Resource Center

Get full access to a comprehensive library of concise, informative how-to videos and support articles to ensure customers get whatever they need at any time.

“Show Me How”

The Issue Monitor has “Show Me How” buttons everywhere so system administrators & clients can get quick answers to questions in one place and get back on track easily.

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Top-Tier, U.S.-based Support Teams

One critical part of customer service for any software company is providing customers with support from a dedicated team of technical specialists. At Silvertrac, customer service is a top priority. That means a few things:

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 meetings with someone who understands the day-to-day challenges of running a security company and can help solve those challenges quickly and efficiently.
  • Jump on the phone with a U.S.-based support agent 24/7, completely free.
  • Live chat and after-hours support lines for night shift employees.

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