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Dispatch Overview

Give your security team everything they need to easily dispatch tasks out to the field and simplify communication between guards in the field, dispatch, and supervisors from one convenient location. Silvertrac’s centralized dispatch and task management makes it easy to manage teams better, solve issues faster, and do what’s best for clients with amazing features like:

  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Pass down notes from shift to shift or post to post
  • Live GPS maps
  • Scheduling for tasks and guard tours
  • Automation of sending recurring tasks and reminders
  • Messaging within the Silvertrac mobile app for guards

Dispatching One-Off Tasks

Dispatching one-off tasks has never been simpler. Assign tasks directly from the issue monitor in three easy steps:

  1. Select “New Action” to pick any property in the system
  2. Add “New Issue Type” and include any additional notes
  3. Assign the new task to a specific guard or the first available officer

Simple Task Assignment for Guards

Once assigned, guards complete a process that is just as easy as dispatching tasks:

  • The guard assigned is instantly notified on their device with a description of the task and where to complete it.
  • They can handle the task right away and include pictures, notes or audio files for reports.
  • Once complete, the guard submits the task back to the dispatcher and updates the status on their mobile app.

Simplified Field Operations Management

The Issue Monitor makes managing field operations easy. Every issue is color-coded based on its status. Quickly filter for relevant issues, access live GPS updates, and keep a finger on the pulse of any issue, at any property. The issue monitor will show when guards receive a task, when they confirm it, and when they solve it. Every task is added to all relevant reports - including incident reports, Daily Activity Reports, and summary reports so clients receive them quickly and accurately.

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