The Foolproof Guard Tour Solution

Mobilize your guards to complete tasks more effectively.

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Gain Real-Time Accountability

Guard tours are the the essence of any security operation, but without a technology solution they can be tedious to track, and lazy officers can take advantage by skipping checkpoints.

Every scan of a Silvertrac digital checkpoint is pinpointed with GPS, so guards have absolutely no way of fabricating tours. And with Silvertrac’s automated reporting, supervisors have constant visibility into which patrols have been completed and which are overdue, so they can ensure there is never time unaccounted for.

Daily activity reports serve as proof that patrols were completed, so your clients can be sure your officers have done their jobs.

Simple Step-by-Step Training

At each checkpoint, guards are prompted with the specific tasks they need to complete for that exact location. They can even be required to take a photo as evidence of completion. Success is as easy as following the on-screen instructions.

Plus, reports are automatically updated with a note for each checkpoint.

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Silvertrac Guard Tour Software Solution
Silvertrac Exception Reporting Software

Exceptional Reporting

Supervisors can choose to receive automated alerts about missed, late, or incomplete checkpoints. With these instant notifications, supervisors can take corrective action before problems escalate.