037: Making Guard Management Easier With Silvertrac

Making Guard Management Easier with Silvertrac

In the security industry, your guards are your most important resource. The most successful companies are the ones that can consistently get the best performance out of their guards. That’s why we designed our guard tour system to make guard management easier for our customers. Our system delivers three crucial benefits:

  • Reducing the time and cost of training
  • Maximizing security team performance
  • Optimizing the dispatch and call center

Reducing The Time And Cost Of Training

Back in episode 11, customer Travis Taylor observed that the guard tour system cut back the time he had to spend training guards by up to 50%. He felt comfortable putting out almost anyone in the field because Silvertrac’s tools make it easy for guards to know what to do.

For instance, the checkpoint tool gives guards instructions at every single stop, so that they always know what they’re supposed to be doing. It also simplifies the reporting procedure, and automatically notes if guards are missing checkpoints or tasks so that supervisors can go over these procedures with them again.

From the supervisors’ perspective, life becomes a lot easier. Guards can be managed from a tablet, and critical issues can be addressed rapidly so that less pressure is being put on guards in the field to deal with issues they might not be ready for. With less pressure on the officer in the field, you can get more out of your “C” guards and spend less time trying to hire and retain the absolute top performing guys.

Maximizing Security Team Performance

With security guard management software in place, supervisors can accomplish a lot more. Whereas before a supervisor would have to focus on just getting the basics right—doing random checks to make sure guards were at their posts, cleaning up DARs to make them presentable, etc.—now they can focus on really adding value.

Instead of just holding employees accountable, supervisors can identify and reward those guards that do a great job with reporting, documentation, and other aspects of the job. They can optimize productivity by better managing schedules and arrival times. They can even address problems before they get to the client, reducing the time spent on the phone.

Plus, one supervisor can now manage many more properties and guards than they could without the software.

“You have the entire operation right there in a tablet versus a checklist of the sites that he needs to go hit,” said Johnny on today's episode.

Optimizing The Dispatch And Call Center

Silvertrac allows operators in the dispatch center to see the entire operation in real time. They can view arrivals and departures, see which guards have acknowledged issues, which are en route, and what issues have already been closed.

This significantly reduces radio traffic and phone time by eliminating the need for repeat calls between dispatchers and guards to verify the location or status of the issue.

You also cut back on the need to field calls from concerned clients since they can review your guard management software in real time and keep on top of issues without having to call you. 

Miscellaneous Benefits 

In addition to these three main benefits, there a several other ways Silvertrac makes guard management easier, including: 

  • Saving costs by helping you go paperless with your reports
  • Increase employee satisfaction, decreasing turnover and payroll cost
  • Remove the need for other devices such as radios, neck tags, etc. that cause headaches.

The Silvertrac guard tour system makes guards more efficient, makes supervisors’ lives easier, and helps save money and time throughout your organization.Try Silvertrac Software Today


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Chris Anderson

Chris is the founder of Silvertrac Software and has been working in the security industry for more than 25 years. He enjoys working with clients daily to help them grow their businesses and really enjoy what they are doing. Chris currently lives and works in Seal Beach, CA.