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An incident summary report should quantify the impact of your security services contract. Learn how to best deliver your next report with these tips.

How Private Security Companies Gain Success with Guard Management Software

Silvertrac Software, the top-rated security guard management tool. See why small to mid-size security companies find benefits from reporting, guard tours, and more.

Why Your Security Guard Management Software Needs a Live Dashboard

Security guard management solutions are great but physical security operations need live dashboards to properly analyze the data to build the most success.

How to Use Guard Management Software for Large Operations

See how this security guard company was able to onboard hundreds of new guards in less than a year by using guard management software to its full potential.

How To Maximize Communication in Private Security Through Tasks

Communication between supervisors and guards is critical. See how security guard tour software uses tasks to increase communication and transparency in your private security business.

3 Benefits of Implementing Physical Security Technology

The physical security industry is advancing quickly and software is becoming a best practice. Learn 3 reasons why adopting new security software can advance your operation.

4 Steps to Get the Most from Technology in Private Security

Have you invested resources into private security technology just to have trouble effectively using it? These steps help you get the most from technology to improve your security services.

How To Build Strong Security Teams and Limit Turnover

Security guards have a historically high turnover rate. See how strong leadership and company culture in contract security operations limits turnover and wins more contracts.

How To Effectively Manage Users in Security Technology

Managing users in security technology can get messy fast. Learn how to organize your technology users effectively to improve the effectiveness of your security operations.

8 Ways Security Officers Can Stay Fit While on Duty

Unhealthy security officers can negatively impact the bottom line of your security company. Get simple tips to keeping security officers healthy so they do their jobs more efficiently.

Security Owners: What Are Good Pay and Bill Rates?

For security owners, knowing what to pay employees and bill customers can lead to hard decisions. This article will help security companies make informed decisions in these areas.

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