Accurate & Effective
Incident Reporting

Simple and Robust Reporting to Better Gauge
Officer Performance


Robust Incident Reporting

Simple incident reporting helps better gauge guard performance & improve client relations. When done effectively, incident reporting allows guards to add the most important information anytime from any site as conveniently as possible. Traditional pen & paper reporting makes producing a Daily Activity Report a hassle.

Efficient Data Collection

Spend less time chasing down information from guards and more time resolving the issues at hand. Silvertrac’s intuitive mobile guard app is designed to make security report writing as easy as possible so the right people get the right alerts at the right time. Guards simply tap and send and Silvertrac will handle the rest. Report issues straight from the field - in real-time from any property - based on criteria that can be included in any report, like:

  • Time-stamped photos, audio files, and text notes
  • Priority levels and notification settings for any issue type
  • Property-specific issue types

Filtered Reports

Each incident is immediately available for review in the Issue Monitor. Reports can be filtered by property, issue type, guard, priority level, and more. This allows any security company to easily create detailed and personalized reports that have everything needed to support client demands. Reports are automatically generated and ready to be delivered to clients, giving them everything they need to know in one bite-sized summary.

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