Let guards handle incident reporting as efficiently as they handle security risks.

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Silvertrac Security Incident Reporting Software

Complete & Comprehensive

Silvertrac’s simple user interface ensures that your guards log all pertinent information. Security incident reports can be filed via our mobile app directly from the field, or started in the field and submitted later when the officer has access to a full desktop & keyboard. With this kind of flexibility, you can say goodbye to missing or inaccurate daily activity reports.

Once an incident report has been submitted, Silvertrac's system allows you to notify all relevant parties in the order that works best for your organization. You can even customize our security incident reporting system to fit the unique needs of each individual property.

New Way to Report

We believe security incident reports should contain as much valuable information as possible. That’s why we’ve expanded our app to create & include more than just text-based entries such as:

  • Time-Stamped Photos

  • Audio Files

  • GPS Locations

  • Text Notes

  • Talk-to-Text

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Silvertrac Security Guard Incident Reporting Software
“Right away the Silvertrac team pulls away from the rest and is in a class of their own, they do not simply provide Software as a Service. They are a partner in your business that genuinely wants to help you succeed in winning and retaining contracts.”
- Richard McCarthy, Operations Manager, Actual Security, Inc.