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The Silvertrac team attended GSX 2018. We had the exciting opportunity to preview some new features for our customers.

Should Security Companies Charge for the Use of Guard Management Software?

The use of guard management software continues to increase in popularity across the security industry. Which begs the question, should security companies charge clients more for the use of technology? Or better yet.. How should should security companies charge clients for the use of technology?

What does the Allied Universal Acquisition of USSA mean for your security company?

With the biggest companies in the world getting bigger, small and medium businesses in the security industry have to hone their ability to compete. Here are seven strategies to help you stay competitive and win contracts on value rather than price.

3 Reasons Your Clients Want (Or Demand) Guard Management Software

Why are more end users of contract security services requiring that guard mangement software in their RFPs? Because the trust is gone... In this video we dive into the 3 main influences contributing to the growing demand for Guard Management Software.

097: Important Vs. Urgent: How Top Security Experts Know the Difference

Owners and Operations Managers spend their entire workday chasing down and fixing urgent problems. But here are tips to start achieving your business goals.

098: Balancing Immediate Needs vs. Long-Term Goals

How to accomplish the balance of meeting daily needs versus achieving long-term business goals.

096: Becoming a Trusted Advisor to Your Customers

How to provide value and stay competitive by becoming a trusted advisor to your customers.

093: How To Win Approval From HOA Board Members

Growing your business by wining contracts with the most important HOAs in your area.

092: The Dangers of Slipping Security Reports Under the Customer Door

Security reports being slipped under the clients door puts your business in danger. Low Accountability and low quality reports can be a detractor.

091: 3 Things Every Security Company Wants For Christmas

3 Christmas wishes for a security company: peace of mind, contract renewals and guards who know they are appreciated.

090: Why Guard Management Software Can Ruin Your Business

9 times out of 10 guard management software is really beneficial for a business. But sometimes guard management software isn't the best solution.

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