Increase Accountability

Automated reports, GPS functionality, foolproof checkpoints, and long-term data collection give supervisors and managers unprecedented insight into officer activity.

Increase Productivity

When officers know they can’t get away with giving less than 100%, productivity increases. Reward high achievers and handle underperformers.

Increase Profitability

Prove your value to new and existing clients with rock-solid evidence of the quality of your services. Increase retention and close more deals.

How Silvertrac Improves Security Operations

What Can Officers Do?

Silvertrac Guard Management Software Document Icon 2 Color File Security Incident and Daily Activity Reports with Silvertrac App

File Incident and Daily Activity Reports

Officers can complete instant reports from their Android or iOS devices with time-stamped photos, audio, and notes. No need to check a hundred boxes or write a report after the fact.

Silvertrac Guard Management Software Incident Icon Color Receive Guard Tasks and Instant Alerts with Silvertrac

Receive Tasks and Alerts

Officers stay up-to-date about important security alerts or new task assignments. They can assess issues in real-time and keep supervisors aware of progress.

Silvertrac Guard Management Software Guard Tours Icon Color Complete Guard Tours and Track Rounds with Silvertrac App

Complete Guard Tours

With NFC and QR capabilities, officers can scan checkpoints directly from our security guard mobile app and receive specific instructions for those checkpoints. Officers can also receive pass down orders, clock in and out, view post orders, and communicate with supervisors.

What Can Management Do?

Silvertrac Guard Management Software Shield Icon Color Get Real Time Security Incident Reports with Silvertrac

Get Real-Time Reports

Get daily activity, incident, and summary reports sent to you automatically, along with trending information to help improve operations. Access officer GPS locations and guard tour progress in real time.

Silvertrac Guard Management Software Computer Icon Color Track Security Officer Performance with Silvertrac

Track Officer Performance

View ongoing guard performance metrics so you can be sure that jobs get done the right way, every time. Get alerted the moment an officer is underperforming so you can take proper action.

Silvertrac Guard Management Software Individual Icon Color Communicate with Officers and Clients Effeciently with Silvertrac

Communicate with Officers and Clients

Handle more calls more quickly, enable end-users to report problems online, and automatically maintain dispatch data.

Guard Management
on Autopilot

Silvertrac Guard Management Software Profit Icon 2 Color Eliminate Inefficiencies with Silvertrac

Eliminate Inefficiencies

No more redundant data entry. No more randomized post inspections. With complete visibility, you’ll always know exactly where your attention needs to be.

Silvertrac Guard Management Software Communication Icon Color Automate Daily Guard Reporting with Silvertrac

Automate Communications

Daily activity reports get delivered to you, or your clients, automatically. Plus, urgent incidents trigger immediate notifications for everyone who needs to know.

Silvertrac Guard Management Software Monitor Icon Color Monitor Employee Performance with Silvertrac

Monitor Personnel

Identify high achievers to reward them for their hard work, and discover underperforming officers before you get a call from an upset client.

Silvertrac’s simple automation features shorten the feedback loop and patch any holes in your operations. With instant notifications, you can identify problems and solve them before they become account-threatening issues. With automated reporting, you can scale up your operations without increasing the size of your management team.

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