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Organizing information collected from the field into client-ready, valuable reports can be a difficult process. Traditional security reports like messy, handwritten Daily Activity Reports (DARs) and out-dated forms can make this process even harder. Silvertrac builds detailed reports automatically to reinforce the value that quality security services bring to a client’s operation.

Four-in-One Reporting

Every time a guard completes an assigned task, updates a daily log, or hits a checkpoint. A small amount of information is sent to your dashboard and can be turned into branded company reports based on your criteria. Silvertac has four types of reporting available to help make better business decisions every day:

Daily Activity Reports

Daily Activity Reports (DARs) can pull activity that fits unique criteria on any property within user-identified timeframes. In any report pulled, each entry will have: the reporting guard, notes, photos and/or audio, GPS location, and a time-stamp. Daily Activity Reports also automatically update during every shift and can be automatically sent at the end of every day, week, or month. Plus, everything is color coded, allowing owners and clients both to catch up on different types of activity with ease.


User Shift Reports

Shift Reports are powerful rundowns that show officer activity as they move from property-to-property. Check arrival times, departures, and issues sent during any shift.

Checkpoint Reports

Checkpoint Reports show how a tour goes onsite and provide all the information needed to send better reports faster. Track where guards are with live GPS mapping and see what they are reporting in real time. 


Summary Reports

Summary Reports give insights into issues in the field by showing every issue at a property and the number of times each issue or action has been reported during a certain time frame. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Summaries provide a simple, comprehensive look at everything a team does on behalf of clients. Use these to justify costs, identify current challenges, and reinforce the difference services are making on site.

Branded Client Reports

Silvertrac helps build branded client reports that can be tailored to each client's needs, identify gaps in programs. And provide the necessary information to become a data-driven security company that offers results. All of the data collected is protected by an enterprise-level security system and always available by request.

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