Efficient Mobile Patrols

Accurately Track Fleets from Site-to-Site

Optimized Mobile Patrols

There’s an ever-increasing demand in the security industry to deliver at speed and at scale. The only way to meet that demand with mobile patrols is to be better, faster, and cheaper, which means reducing time and cost spent in an operation. Silvertrac helps optimize mobile patrols by:

  • Tracking patrol productivity in real-time through checkpoints
  • Minimizing service interruptions
  • Reducing time between sites
  • Visualizing mobile patrols
  • Integrating Google Maps® so guards never have to leave the app

Mobile Patrol Checkpoints

Checkpoints are the key to Silvertrac’s mobile patrol software success. They guide officers on patrol throughout each shift via digital checkpoints and are easy to set up across multiple properties through the Issue Monitor. All of this adds a level of detail that allows teams to further optimize how drivers spend their time. When a checkpoint is hit, four things happen:

  1. The officer receives specific instructions for the current site.
  2. A pre-written note is added directly to the Daily Activity Report (DAR).
  3. A GPS pinpoint is captured showing the time and location of the hit.
  4. Option to require a photo to be taken of the area.
MobilePatrol 02
MobilePatrol 01

Automatically Populate Daily Activity Reports

In the field, guards can quickly log all security, maintenance, and parking related issues at each property with ease. As officers report what they see on site, Daily Activity Reports and incident reports are automatically created so officers won’t spend hours back at the office after each shift with pen & paper.

Track Every Vehicle-Related Cost

Silvertrac has the tools to stay on top of every vehicle in your fleet. Track vehicle usage, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize routes by quickly recording important patrol vehicle info like pre and post-shift inspections, maintenance concerns, odometer readings, gas purchases, and more.

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