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098: Successful Hiring Techniques for the Modern Workforce

We recently hosted a webinar to discuss successful hiring techniques with Kwantek. Listen to our podcast for clips and tips.

New Ruling From California Supreme Court on Rest Breaks

The California Supreme Court ended 2016 with a brand new ruling about security guard rest breaks and the rights of employees during their time off.

Why Security Guards No-Call, No-Show

Absenteeism is a problem for many businesses, but the challenge is worse in security. Here's why guards don't show up and what employers can do about it.

Should Security Companies Test Employees for Drugs and Alcohol?

Thinking about testing your security guards for drugs & alcohol? It might seem like a great idea, but there could significant drawbacks.

Good Security Guards: Why Some Companies Have Them, and Others Don't

What does it take to attract and hold on to outstanding security officers? Read on to find out if you're making these mistakes with your workforce.

Conducting a Performance Review That Makes an Impact

Need to conduct performance reviews for your security staff? This article will help make your next performance assessment evaluations more effective.

How to Get the Best From Your Average Guards

How to encourage and develop your average security guards to succeed within your company.

098: Balancing Immediate Needs vs. Long-Term Goals

How to accomplish the balance of meeting daily needs versus achieving long-term business goals.

094: What You Should Know About Guards Using Their Own Phones

Considering allowing your security officers to use phones in the field? This article will cover some the basics to consider before having guards bring their phones to work.

092: The Dangers of Slipping Security Reports Under the Customer Door

Security incident reports being slipped under a customer's door puts your business in danger. Learn how low accountability and poor quality reports can cost you a contract.

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