3 Reasons Your Clients Want (or Demand) Guard Management Software

3 Reasons Your Clients Want (Or Demand) Guard Management Software

Your client wants guard management software because they don’t trust you. 

That’s the harsh reality of today’s security industry. 

I’ll explain why.. 

But first let me tell you about a conversation I had earlier this week with the security director of a zoo in Southern California. 

Alan recently took over the security department, but the same contract security company has been working this site for over 8 years.

As Alan got settled into the new role he began to question whether the overnight officers were completing their rounds as scheduled. 

To get more insight on the matter, he requested they adopt an officer management solution with automated guard tour features.

Eight Perfect years

That’s where Silvertrac entered the picture. It’s now been about 6-months since Silvertrac was launched at the site.

Now keep in mind.. There are eight years of handwritten Daily Activity Reports on file with officers regularly noting that rounds were completed with “no issues to report”.. Not one time was there a record of officers missing patrols, calling off early, or any irregularities.

But now that Silvertrac has been in place there are missed tours on a weekly, and sometimes nightly basis.

There is literally a step-by-step plan laid out of the officers on post and they are failing to complete the tours on a regular basis.

Needless to say, the current security vendor has some work to do if they want to keep that contract the next 8-years.

But that’s not why Alan called me. He called because he referred Silvertrac to several other security directors he met at a recent event. Because they all had similar experiences (or suspicions of such)...

This conversation exemplifies the reason your customer wants guard management software.

Goodbye to the Good Ole Days

The days of winning and retaining business with a handshake and your good name are coming to a close.

But it’s not your fault. There are hundreds of factors at play here. 

Here are a few of the biggies...

#1 - Anyone Can Do It

Well.. Anyone can try.

Just about anyone can start a security company. And there are hundreds of new companies opening every week.

Chances are, if you’ve been in the industry for 10+ years, you’ve had an operations manager, supervisor, or guard take off to start their own company.

#2 Increased Competition Crushes Margins & Guard Performance

When margins and wages decrease, you get downward pressure on performance and service.

And if we’re all being honest, the security industry as a whole hasn’t really fulfilled the “Under Promise, Over Deliver” principle very well. More the opposite.

For decades property managers and security directors have paid for service they didn’t receive.

Officers failing to show up, leaving in the middle of the shift, sleeping on the job, failing to complete regular rounds.. The list goes on.

The stereotype of the industry (unfortunately) has some truth to it.

#3 Skepticism is on the Rise

You might be the best guard company on the planet. With top notch officers and managers, world class training programs, and more experience than G.I Joe himself.. But all it takes is one bad company to ruin it for everyone.

When one company alters or falsifies a report, charges for patrol stops they don’t complete, or fails to communicate when officers drop the ball, skepticism rises..

Mix that with the low barrier to entry and you get more cut rate, low performance companies flooding the market.

The result? Raging skepticism and distrust. 

Clients of the security industry now operate with a “Trust must be earned, not given” mentality.

Earn the Trust

So why do your clients want, and sometimes demand, guard management software?

Because it helps them see what's happening on-site and ensures they get what they're paying for. 

Your client's don't expect you to be perfect. But they do expect you to own your mess and clean it up.

Use guard management software to detect the early signs that officers aren’t performing and address the issue. Be transparent with your client and it will be a breath of fresh air.

At Silvertrac we help security companies get the most out of their officers every day. Click below to schedule and live demo and see for yourself. 

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