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How to Get the Best From Your Average Guards


In every security company, there are top performers, the average guards, and then there are the ones causing problems at the bottom. By nature, it’s easy to help the top performers succeed, and it’s easy to let the poor performers go, but what about your average guards?

Your "average" security guards are hard workers, they are valuable to the success of your business, and you have to rely on them to ge thte job done. However, they probably need a little extra or management help to succeed. Here’s six ways you can get the most out of your average security guards:

  1. Look past the resume. Managing and maximizing your employees starts with the hiring process. During the interview, ask potential employees about their goals; what types of roles would they like to have down the road? This gives them a chance to display their strengths, and their passions.

  2. Reward loyalty. High emplpoyee turnover costs an incredbile amount of money when you consider the time and money spent hiring and processing a new guard, replacing uniforms, training, and more.. Needless to say, guards that are loyal are incredibly valuable. Do little things to let your officers know that you appreciate their loyalty and hard work. 

  3. Provide proper training. You can only expect your guards to perform what they know. Providing your security guards with a complete, robust training program that not only educates them, but shows them how much you’ve invested in them, and because of that, they’re more likely to put more effort into the job. Do your best to make sure that every expectation is communicated in both written post orders and live training with a supervisor. 

  4. Show your commitment. The training process is also an opportunity to show the new hire your commitment to the company, while also displaying to the new employee that you see them as an asset. Communicate that you’re open to feedback, no matter what their status. Often, security guards in the field can provide great input to current processes that will help the company. 

  5. Give opportunities. While you hired an employee for a specific set of tasks, don’t be afraid to give them new experiences on the job. Move the guard to different sites, or have them do something they’ve never done. Something as simple as this will help the guard learn new things, become a better problem solver, and will feel trusted in the company. In return, they'll reward you with hard work and loyalty. 

  6. Reward the efforts. Figure out what makes your employees tick. Are they motivated by monetary bonuses or a framed certificate? Offering thoughtful rewards for a job well-done goes a long way, and providing fair promotions will help reduce employee turnover.

In most companies, average guards make up the largest section of workers, as top performers and bottom performers are smaller groups. So, making the most out of your average guards is going to benefit your company in many ways. I hope these tips have helped! 


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Chris Anderson

Chris is the founder of Silvertrac Software and has been working in the security industry for more than 25 years. He enjoys working with clients daily to help them grow their businesses and really enjoy what they are doing. Chris currently lives and works in Seal Beach, CA.