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How to Conduct Effective Guard Tours without Physical Checkpoints

Using Silvertrac to Run Guard Tours Without Physical Checkpoints

Every guard tour starts with the same core structure: checkpoints. Giving security officers clear direction on how to run each patrol is the easiest way to achieve a high-quality, standardized, and efficient tour.

Even more important than having guard tour checkpoints is making sure that checkpoints are in proper locations, like dimly lit parking lots and low traffic areas.

Using a guard tour software along with hanging physical checkpoints (QR codes, barcodes, and/or high-quality NFC tags) is the best way to guarantee that all of these processes are running smoothly.

But for whatever reason, some properties will not be okay with their security company hanging these physical checkpoints. If that’s the case, tracking officer performance can be much harder to do. Without the ability to track performance, it will be much harder to adjust to problems and prove worth to clients.

Luckily, Silvertrac’s Guard Tour patrol system has a built-in setting that allows officers to still conduct optimized tours without needing physical checkpoints.

Manual Submission Guard Tour

Setting up tours for manual submission is an easy process. All you need is access to your Silvertrac web portal and a few minutes to follow these 6 steps.

      1. Start by going to the property maintenance screen in the Silvertrac web portal

        Silvertrac Client Portal Home Screen

        2. On the property maintenance home screen, look for the property that you need to set up the manual submission on and select it.

Silvertrac Property Maintenance Screen

        3. Once you have the property selected, click “Checkpoint Tour” and a screen listing all the tours at that property will pop up. Click “Add New Tour” at the bottom of this screen.

    Silvertrac Property Maintenance Individual Property Screen
          4. From here, the whole tour needs to be scheduled. This includes the time and days it will be conducted as well as every individual checkpoint.

          5. Once you’ve finished filling out the tour, check the box at the bottom of the form that says “Allow Manual Submission.”

      Adding Checkpoints to a Guard Tour in Silvertrac
          6. Save the tour.

      It’s just that easy! Officers will conduct business as usual. They clock in on the Silvertrac app like normal and go through their tour. At each checkpoint, they will simply tap the checkpoint description instead of scanning a physical checkpoint or using an outdated deggy wand.

      When the app asks whether or not they would like to scan the checkpoint, they select “yes.” The officer will receive checkpoint instructions like normal.

      On your side, you can require photo submissions or audio files. Everything is still time-stamped and GPS-tracked in the Issue Monitor to guarantee accountability.

      Still have questions? View how it works in the app.

      Guaranteed ROI

      Manual submission guard tours allow you to run your operation consistently across all properties and maintain guard accountability while staying in compliance with property requirements.

      This feature makes sure that you get quality reports that prove your ROI to clients no matter what situation you find yourself in.

      At Silvertrac, we are dedicated to making security guard management simple. If you want to experience the difference security patrol software can make, schedule a demo today and have one of our experienced customer success managers show you how Silvertrac can help you simplify your operation and grow your business.


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