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Security company management software is an essential tool for improving operations at your company. What can it really show you?

Preparing 800 Security Officers for Black Friday with Ed Gardner.

Ed Garner of PES Security stops by the show to tell listeners how he hires and trains new security officers for the craziness of Black Friday.

7 Things Every Secutity Guard Daily Activity Report Should Include

Crafting a valuable, descriptive, and detailed daily activity report is an important part of deploying a quality security guard service. We cover the basics every DAR should have along with three things industry leaders are doing to go above and beyond to win.

4 Security Guard Tips From An Experienced Patrol Officer

Robert, a 32-year industry vet gives Security Guard tips for everyday problems that you'll encounter on patrol, like staying awake and frozen locks.

083 The #1 Thing That Will Ruin Holiday Plans in the Security Industry

On our 5-minute Friday, we talk about how planning and good guard management software can help you have a relaxing holiday in the security industry.

Security Enforcement Officer or Security Guard?

The distinction between security guard and security enforcement officer might seem trivial, but it's crucial to understand the difference.

Tips For Security Guard Shifts: The Graveyard Shift

Security guard shifts always pose their own challenges. Check out these tips for staying awake during a graveyard shift.

Keys to an Engaging and Successful Security Officer Training Program

What does it take to keep your security officer training engaging and effective? Here are a few tactics that have been successful for 32+ years.

049: How To Improve Report Writing - Security Officer's Guide

Some of the most common mistakes in report writing can be fixed through training and the use of simple tools. See how to improve report writing with these tips!

026: How to Deal with a Repeat Loiterer

On today's episode we discuss the best methods security guards can utilize in the field on How to Deal with a Repeat Loiterer.

Security Guard Tips: Writing an Incident Report

Security Guard Tips: I hope to give a few tools to help get your thoughts and recollections in a detailed and professional incident report.

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