How Private Security Companies Gain Success with Guard Management Software

How Private Security Companies Gain Success with Guard Management Software

With an almost 15 year history, Silvertrac Software has watched the growth of the security industry, getting to partner with hundreds of private security companies of all sizes, securing a 4.7/5 stars on Capterra.

What we have noticed is that decision-makers who are going through the buying process typically look at functionality, client reviews, and product demos. So the Silvertrac team has compiled client feedback across our functionalities that help to make their operation most successful.

Take a look and see how Silvertrac can support your private security company today through:

“Overall, I highly recommend this product to any security company. Between the ease of use and fantastic customer service, it adds so much value to my company's product.”  Plaza Security, 51-200 employees

Incident Reporting

Silvertrac’s comprehensive incident reporting helps to keep security supervisors up-to-date in real-time about what is happening on the properties that your officers are securing. This is not only great for your supervisors, but also your clients, who have the ability to run their own reporting at their leisure through the Client Portal.

The system comes with the ability to run a number of security reports from DARs to property reports to checkpoint reports, and more. Many of these reports can also be automated and branded with your private security company’s logo.

Learn more about Silvertrac Reporting here.

“Silvertrac for use on patrol has been great. Automated reports allow our drivers to stay out in the field for the entirety of their shift, and the Issue Monitor allowed our command center to take over the paperwork side of any issues with ease!”  Vet-Sec Protection Agency, 501-1000 employees

Automated Management

In addition to real-time reporting, Silvertrac’s guard management solution offers automated alerts to both supervisors and security guards.

This is a great reminder for any security guard on-site so they know exactly what is needed. And for supervisors, they are alerted automatically if a guard misses a checkpoint, goes outside the geo-fence, or is a no-show, allowing the supervisor to handle the situation before a client notices any problem.

Learn more about Silvertrac’s automated security software.

“Silvertrac has been an immeasurable investment for us. It has given our company the ability to compete with, and provide a superior guard service. It allows our officers to shine.”  Americas Security Professionals, 11-20 employees

Guard Accountability

Every private security company has had the unfortunate experience of finding a sleeping guard or discovering a guard went MIA. With Silvertrac’s ability to easily dispatch tasks directly to the field, communication between supervisors and security guards becomes easier than ever.

In conjunction with live GPS maps, scheduled tasks, guard tours, and automated reminders, officers know exactly what is expected of them and supervisors are alerted immediately when expectations aren’t met.

Learn more about Silvertac’s Guard Accountability.

“I really like the feature I can track and notice how long each security guard takes to do patrol on a daily basis and shift. We went from an analog system to technology and made everyone more responsible as they had to make patrols knowing there is a report being sent to me directly.”  Park Wilshire HOA

Guard Tours & GPS

Silvertrac’s solution has the capability of creating custom guard tour sequences that can utilize barcodes, RFID tags, QR Codes, and NFC tags in conjunction with time-stamped photos. Along with this checkpoint functionality, GPS mapping and verification is included to confirm security officers are staying on track and within the property bounds of your security contract.

Because checkpoints, guard tours, and tasks are managed in the Issue Monitor, supervisors and clients can measure guard performance and any issues at the drop of hat, allowing your private security company to be more proactive.

Learn more about Silvertrac’s guard tours and GPS functionality here.

“The ease of customizing your report categories, patrol (parking violations), GPS to monitor officers, and the overall ease of using the program. A must if you're just getting started or are looking to switch.” Allied Universal Security 201-500 employees

Implementation & On-Going Customer Service

As a Silvertrac Software partner, from day 1, you receive hands-on implementation assistance and training with your own Customer Success rep. And it doesn’t stop there, Silvertrac users not only have continual access to their Customer Success rep, they also have access to the Silvertrac Resource Center and messaging capabilities within their Issue Monitor.

Set-up starts with a live video chat Kick-Off call, where your Customer Success rep walks the supervisor team through setting-up their portal and activating devices step-by-step, ensuring your team knows exactly how the system works and how to update your portal.

After you have implemented the system, you will continue to get free training calls with your Customer Success rep as needed, as well as email and phone support from the same rep that helped you set-up your system. You won’t get passed around when partnering with Silvertrac Software. Your rep is dedicated to your private security company’s success.

Learn more about Silvertrac’s great customer service & support here.

“This software replaced our old archaic way of tracking and reporting incidents to clients. The setup and implementation was very easy, and the transition went smoothly. The software is user friendly, and the customer service is excellent.” Smart Security, Inc.


The Silvertrac team has had the pleasure of migrating countless clients over to our system. Private security companies have seen continued success with the Silvertrac guard management solution. Check out their stories here.

“My overall experience with Silvertrac is exceptional! I'm able to ensure my client receives real time updates about incidents occurring at sites. This helps us to cut notification delays down that are common with only using email or other means of notifications.” Sunstates Security, 1000+ employees

And if you are still looking for more info on how Silvertrac can assist your private security company, make sure to take a look at our Capterra page 


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