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Guard-Systems, Inc. made the switch from paper security incident reporting to Silvertrac with ease. Learn about their success and how it improved all aspects of their operation.

072: Keys to Managing Supervisors Pt. 1 - The Owner's Dilemma

The first in our six-part series on managing supervisors, The Owner's Dilemma centers on the difficulty--and importance--of building a good team.

071: 5 Things We Learned from ASIS (2015) and CALSAGA (2015)

Coming back from ASIS and CALSAGA, we want to share some of the things we've learned in our conversations with security owners and operators.

070: Are You Afraid to Grow Your Business?

Running a successful guard company is hard work. Learn how security company owners can get past their fears and start growing their business.

069: Transforming Your Reports into a Time Saving, Contract Closing Machine

Utilizing guard management software and some simple tips, your daily activity reports can help make you more efficient and win more business.

Customer Spotlight: GMI's Transition From GuardTrax to Silvertrac

Check out our conversation recorded at the ASIS Security Expo with Melanie Bamba from GMI about their transition from GuardTrax to Silvertrac Software.

063: 3 Characteristics of Successful Silvertrac Customers

These three things separate the customers that get the most out of Silvertrac's guard management software from those that don't.

054: Why Prospects Don't Like Salespeople

By understanding the reasons prospects balk at the sight of salespeople, you can counter their negative perceptions and become a valuable resource.

053: Should You be Editing Your Security Officer Reports?

To edit or not to edit? We discuss when you should or should not take an active role in making security officer daily incident reports more presentable to the client.

052: How to Get the Most Out of Attending The ASIS 2015 Security Expo as a Buyer

Over 20,000 people will be attending the ASIS 2015 Security Expo next month, and we've got some tips for how to get the most out of this great experience.

051: Improve Your Security Service by Working with Maintenance Teams

Many security companies ignore the maintenance team, but working with them can drastically improve your security service and improve retention.

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