063: 3 Characteristics of Successful Silvertrac Customers


Our customers tend to break down into two different groups. In one group, we have the very intentional, committed customers that have thought a lot about how to use the guard management software and are determined to get the maximum ROI. These are customers like Travis Taylor, Gregg Woodbury, and Richard Sparks.

On the other hand, we get a lot of customers that seem to think just making the purchase is the end of their work. They end up using it just as an accountability tool or abandon it because they’re not getting much value.

Ultimately successful customers differ from the unsuccessful ones in three key ways: they’re intentional and engaged, they have a plan, and they learn the software before trying to sell it.

1) Successful Customers Are Intentional And Engaged

With every potential customer, we ask how they heard about Silvertrac. In about three out of five cases, the customer responds that either a property manager is requiring it or that they’ve seen a competitor using it and don’t want to fall behind the curve. These tend to be the customers that are less successful with the system.

Adopting a new software system because the client requires it is reactive. Successful customers are proactive. They’ve done the research and chosen Silvertrac because they genuinely believe it will improve their business.

The difference in attitude is amazing. When an operator feels forced into using guard management software, they drag their feet, don’t learn the system, and don’t teach their guards how to utilize all the different functions available to them. Proactive customers, on the other hand, get excited about the potential benefits and really integrate it into every part of their business.

The key, just as it is with handling guards that resist change, is timing. Don’t wait until you’re pressured to make the switch. Do it when you’ve got the time and freedom to really learn the system, train your guards, and roll it out at a pace that’s comfortable for you, your employees, and your clients.

2) Successful Customers Have A Plan

When we begin the onboarding process with new customers, we have what we call our “Kickstart Gameplan” meeting where we create a timeline for rolling out the system. That means figuring out the number of properties and/or mobile patrol routes they want to have on the software after 30, 60, and 90 days. It’s important to create these tangible goals rather than just plan to eventually roll it out everywhere.

“Just saying ‘hey, that’s our long term goal’ and not putting an action plan to it, that’s not going to happen,” said Johnny on today’s episode. 

When customers come in without a plan, they don’t fully implement the system. No matter how great the tools are, they’re not going to deliver value if they’re not actually used.

Security companies without a plan can end up disappointing their own clients. We had a customer recently who had an account that was unhappy with their service. I talked to the director at that location, showed him how Silvertrac could be used, and he replied that he felt like they’d been cheated for four months since the security company wasn’t using those capabilities.

3) Successful Customers Learn The Software And See It In Action

Not only do successful customers have a plan to implement the system, they know how they’re going to sell it to their clients. When you engage with the software, understand its capabilities, and integrate it into your business, you can convince prospective clients how you’ll add value to their property. 

Whether you’re using the software as an upsell or a value add, it’s going to be almost impossible to make a compelling case to customers if you haven’t seen how the software works and understood the ways it impacts your day-to-day operations.

Rather than try to roll the software out on new accounts, start out with an existing account where you have a great relationship with the customer. Tell them that you want to pilot this system and that you'll work with them to make sure they remain happy with your service. 

This gives you the chance to work with the system in action, experiment with how to get the most value out of it, and then sell it to customers with real world data and experience.

And of course, whether you’re a long-time customer, someone just rolling Silvertrac out, or this is your first time hearing about guard management software, we want to answer any questions you have about the system. Nothing makes us happier than helping security companies improve their service and add value for their customers, so give us a call, schedule a demo, or visit our booth at ASIS next week.

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Chris Anderson

Chris is the founder of Silvertrac Software and has been working in the security industry for more than 25 years. He enjoys working with clients daily to help them grow their businesses and really enjoy what they are doing. Chris currently lives and works in Seal Beach, CA.