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Workplace violence is inevitable for security guards. Train your guards on these non-violent de-escalation tactics to keep people safe and calm and resolve threatening situations.

048: Questions Every Security Company Should be Asking Their Customers

Check out some of the questions that every security should be asking customers on a regular basis to improve their service.

How to Bounce Back After Losing Your Biggest Security Client

Recovering from losing your biggest security contract can be one of the toughest hurdles in the guard industry, but it's also an opportunity for improvement.

045: How to Launch an In-House Security Dispatch Center

On part 4 the ultimate guide to running a security dispatch center, we discuss the best tips and tricks for setting up your own in-house security dispatch center.

044: How to Outsource Your Security Dispatch Center

On part 3 the ultimate guide to running a security dispatch center, we discuss how to find the right vendor for those who outsource their security dispatch center and how to set themselves up for success.

042: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Security Dispatch Center

Today's episode kicks off our four-part series on the best ways to launch and effectively run a security dispatch center.

How to Conduct a Security Post Inspection

Conducting effective security post inspections can be a great way to ensure that standards are being met by guards on-site and to improve customer retention.

039: How Guard Management Software Will Change Your Sales Pitch...

Technology has changed, and your sales pitch should change with it. We discuss how guard management software can help you win clients.

038: Why Do Good Security Guards Quit?

Why do good security guards quit? We answer that question and come up with solutions for how to retain your best employees.

037: Making Guard Management Easier With Silvertrac

Silvertrac's guard tour system makes guard management easier for companies in training, in the field, and in the dispatch center.

036: Using Lunch & Learns to Generate New Leads pt. 2

On this episode, we followup part 1 of our series on lunch & learns with the best tips for crafting an agenda and leaving a good impression on potential customers.

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