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Resource Highlight: Security Integrated Guarding

Steve Muntean Security Integrated Guarding Handbook

Private security remains one of the world's oldest professions, but technological advancements are advancing the industry at a rapid pace. The rise of guard tracking software, video monitoring and surveillance, and cyber security systems in the 21st century has caused quite a disruption in the field.

Steve Muntean's Security: Integrated Guarding: 21st Century Residential and Commercial Real Estate Handbook is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking for a digestible, data-driven resource that addresses these changes.

Taking a unique, progressive approach to the security industry, Muntean expertly navigates the importance of modern technology used in conjunction with traditional physical security officers.

Exploring security industry trends, advancements, and valuation, Security: Integrated Guarding provides an in-depth analysis of the world’s most successful security companies and what companies can do to best adapt to changing times.

 “21st-century technological advancements are disrupting the security industry. Security guard companies specifically serving the multi-family and commercial real-estate clients will need to evolve.” - Security: Integrated Guarding

According to Muntean's findings, security companies and their shareholders must continue investing in fully integrated guard technology as the 21st century progresses. Long gone are the days of traditional pen & paper reporting systems; customers will demand the inclusion of robust security management systems in all proposals.

Whether it's asset protection or private protective services, the technological shift has already begun in the industry and companies who fail to keep up will lose their footing as industry leaders. And while guard tour systems are a great first step, the implementation of more security technology will only enhance a company's offerings and provide a higher value of service to their clients.

Muntean’s expertise comes from his extensive background and innovation in the security sector. As a state law enforcement lieutenant and 5X Entrepreneur, he founded his company Overwatch Capital. Overwatch invests in people & technology, disrupting the security services industry by combining video surveillance technologies, on-demand security software apps, mobile patrol services, on-site services, and state of the art reporting technologies.

Today, Muntean works as a venture capital backed CEO and Board Member. He continues to help progress the security industry through various speaking opportunities as well as sitting on the boards of different organizations, like the Young Presidents Organization. He continues to drive success in his own businesses by reinforcing the knowledge and techniques found in Security: Integrated Guarding.

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