How to Improve Security Patrols with Guard Tour Software

Improve Security Patrols

Security patrols are a core function of private security services. But the old “observe and report” model is too oversimplified for most security businesses today.

Just making a few simple improvements to security patrols can make all the difference in your operation running smoother and clients being happier with the work you’re providing for them.

Using guard tour software like Silvertrac can drastically improve your patrols with 3 great processes:

  1. A well-managed security guard checkpoint system
  2. Prioritized security issue types
  3. Added context on incident reports

You can learn more about how guard tour software can improve your entire operation by scheduling a demo today.

1. Security Guard Checkpoint System

Implementing a checkpoint system on security patrols sets clear expectations between management and guards. And it also ensures that good information is being captured on guard tours.

The first step to a good system is to make sure that you place your guard tour checkpoints in strategic areas. You can do this with QR codes, barcodes, NFC tags, or you can create a guard tour without physical checkpoints.

Once you have the checkpoints in a security patrol established, you can use your guard tour software to get even more specific on how you want checkpoints hit.

Ordered vs. Unordered Security Checkpoints

In Silvertrac, you have the ability to set up checkpoints in a tour to be hit in a specific order, or just that they’re hit at some point during the guard’s shift.

For instance, you might want to have an ordered checkpoint list during a building lockup if certain doors and areas need to be secured first or last. If you have a security patrol going between multiple properties, you might not need those properties checked in any particular order.

Guard Tour Start & End Times

Using Silvertrac’s guard tour features, you can specify start and end times for any checkpoint tour. Back to the building lockup example, if the officer shouldn’t start the lockup procedure before a certain time in the night, you can set a tour start time and be notified if checkpoints start to get hit before that time.

2. Prioritized Security Issue Types

Many security patrols require an officer to check for a number of different issue types on a property. But not all of these issues have the same level of importance. For example, vandalism in a parking lot proves a much lower level of a security threat than a broken door lock or slip, trip, and fall hazards.

Being able to tag issues at different priority levels provides a big advantage for both you and your customers.

Using Silvertrac, you can automatically notify everyone who needs to know when a high-level incident has been reported. When reports are pulled, you can select which levels of issues are included.

If a client just wants to see how many high-level issues are occurring at their property, you can deliver a report with only high-level issues. Or you can create a report that will show all activity happening at a property to inform updates you want to make to the security coverage or show a client the true, all-encompassing value of your security services.

3. Added Context on Incident Reports

The last step to improved security patrols is to add high-quality context to security incidents. Silvertrac gives officers the ability to tell a more complete story on every patrol.

  • Photo-enhanced incidents can show the exact issue at hand - from a broken light fixture to a suspicious person report. (Note that only the first picture taken for an incident will be included on the daily activity report)
  • Using the audio recording feature in Silvertrac, you can easily record a noise complaint or add context to a situation without needing to type anything out.
  • Written notes allow officers to give as much detail to each event as necessary so that you have all of the information you need.


By effectively using guard tour software like Silvertrac, your security patrols can improve drastically. Let’s recap the three ways you can use software to improve patrols:

  1. Security guard checkpoint systems
  2. Prioritized security issue types
  3. Added context on incident reports

Ready to take your security patrols to the next level? Schedule a demo of our top-rated guard tour software today.


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