Vendors are Fired, Partners are Paid: Security Reporting Software the Difference

Security Vendor to Partner

You didn’t get into the security industry to be just another vendor. You’ve worked hard to be seen as an integral part of your clients’ operations. So why are you losing contracts to the competition? Vendors get fired, partners get paid.

At Silvertrac, we’ve worked in the security industry for years and have had long conversations with property management companies about what they’d love to see in a security partner. And, we’d like to let you in on some of the secrets that helped us become a success in the industry. In less than two months, you’ll be positioned as the new MVP (Most Valuable Partner) in your business relationships.

If you don’t know, ask

We know what property managers want in a security company because we asked. A lot. And believe us, they appreciated that we cared. Get to know your client and their needs by asking a few simple questions, like what their biggest headaches are every day and how you can help make them look good in front of their bosses.

Start tackling those issues

It’s not enough to just ask the questions – you have to follow through. In our experience, one major headache is parking. Property managers hear more complaints about parking than nearly anything else, and if you can help eliminate those complaints, you’ll be management’s new best friend. This is where Silvertrac can really help your security team go above and beyond what other companies can offer.

Our technology includes a real-time security incident reporting and parking module that allows property managers to keep an automatically-updated online parking book, and know about issues as they occur. Parking violators can even pay their fines online, eliminating time-consuming and stressful confrontations.

Use Security Reporting Software to Make Your Client Look Good

Our customers appreciate that we help make them look good in front of their clients. And, your clients will appreciate it just as much when you make them look good in front of their bosses. With real-time security reporting, your clients can show that they are on top of – and even ahead of – security issues.

SilverTrac comes with the ability to turn out incident reports that are accurate, professional, and preventative. The best way to solve a problem is to never let it become a problem in the first place. That risk assessment capability allows you to see emerging trends on specific security issues based on previous records.

Security reorting software also allows managers to come up with fast answers when corporate headquarters calls with questions.

When you accomplish these three tasks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a partner. Let other vendors get fired – when you make your client look good and easily handle their daily pain points, they’ll never want to lose you.

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Johnny Page

Johnny is a Customer Success Enthusiast for Silvertrac Software who is passionate about business, technology, and (of course) our customers! Johnny spent time in the security industry in Business Development, Marketing, and Operations before joining the Silvertrac team.