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Your Silvertrac GSX 2018 Recap


GSX is a blast every year, but this year was a special treat.

The 2018 event in Las Vegas marked the 4th consecutive year that Silvertrac attended. At GSX 2018, our team got the opportunity to meet customers, offer sneak previews of new features, and chat with industry leaders. This year, we secured a bigger booth to show off what Silvertrac can do, and brought along more team members to join in the excitement.

Preston King, Silvertrac Regional Sales Manager

We were especially excited that Preston King, our new regional sales manager, joined us at the conference. He comes to the Silvertrac team with extensive experience 

in sales, marketing, and customer service. You can come reach out to Preston with any questions related to sales, prospecting, cold emails — he’s a solid all-around resource to have.

He’s also an avid history buff and source of information on a variety of subjects, from pop culture to politics to the great outdoors. An amazing guy to have on your team!

We also got the chance to give our customers a sneak preview of some new features that we’re releasing next quarter to help improve officer performance and drive client success:

Improved Guard Tours

We’re excited to launch new industry-leading features designed to improve your ability to sequence checkpoints on a patrol or site walk. Using this feature in conjunction with advanced checkpoint optimization software and individually assigned checklists will help to create a more efficient and thorough security detail.

Another new guard tour feature we are launching will prevent officers from speeding through checkpoints too fast. By controlling speed on patrols and site walks, Silvertrac will help ensure that officers are doing their due diligence on the job, taking time to properly investigate hazards and prevent incidents. New improvements will allow officers to notify supervisors of exceptions on their patrol during a shift, rather than after.

Geofencing and Livemap

We’re launching a geofencing feature designed to limit where officers can report from. Using GPS technology, security leadership can set up boundaries around the reporting area that will ensure that site walks and patrols are properly executed.

We will also be launching a live map of where officers are, designed to help security teams find out where their officers are in real time. Combine that with up-to-the-minute checkpoint data and you have unmatched oversight on your officers that’s available from anywhere.

Pass Down Orders

Keeping communication channels clear helps prevent incidents from spiraling out of control. To help, we are improving your ability to pass down orders using the Silvertrac platform, thanks to a new feature that will allow you to leave a note from one officer to the next. Pass down orders help to keep different shifts up to date on incidents and potential hazards to ensure full coverage.

Easy Directions

We are also streamlining your ability to easily manage multiple properties. In the next quarter, we’ll be launching new features in our software designed to route patrols to a property with GPS directions based on pre-loaded address. This is a valuable tool for supervisors who may not know the lay of the land as well as their officers.

Security First - Sayfe Salem and Lance Ruiz


Perhaps the best part of GSX is getting to engage with our customers. We love hearing what you have to say about Silvertrac, and we get excited when you positively respond to our hard work. We get a lot of really valuable feedback from you on Capterra, but talking face to face is always a treat.

We’re coming out of GSX with a bang. We were inspired by the great conversations we had, the new members on our team, and by new features we got to preview designed to make Silvertrac even better.

Wish you went to GSX this year? Meet us there next year — we already registered for a booth at GSX 2019 in Chicago.

In the meantime, give us a shout and we can talk about what Silvertrac can do for you:

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