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Silvertrac Year in Review 2018



As the year winds down and we get ready for the holidays, I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who made this such an incredible year for Silvertrac.

Whether you worked with us as a client, gave us a review on Capterra, listened to the Silvertrac Extra podcast, shared a blog post with your colleagues, or stopped by to say hello at a trade show, thank you. We couldn’t be successful without you, and we certainly wouldn’t be having this much fun.

Like I mentioned, 2018 was BIG for Silvertrac. We grew by 40%. More than 500 security operations now actively use our software!

In 2018, 42 clients left us awesome reviews on Capterra, where we have a 5-star (☆☆☆☆☆!) rating and are the top-rated solution in the space. If you’re looking for an easy way to help us out, leave a review — it makes a huge difference.

The Silvertrac team grew in 2018, with 5 new employees joining the crew from our office in Grover Beach, CA. We’re looking to expand our in-house team in 2019, while maintaining our remote workforce all over the U.S.

What’s coming up in 2019? Our word of the year is “integration.” We want to make Silvertrac play nice with leading scheduling tools, starting with TEAM software — that integration is currently in the testing phase.

We’ll be back with brand new blog posts in the second week of January. Until then, why not take a look at some of the best content from this year?

7 Things Every Daily Activity Report Should Include



What do you use to determine what goes into your daily activity report (DAR)? Client requirements? Templates? Or do you just freestyle it?

There are seven things every DAR should include, whether they’re required by the client or not.

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The Art of Winning Security Contracts Without Being the Lowest Bid



Back in July, I sat down with Erika Grabowski, Director of Business Development for Reliance Security. Erika is absolutely killing it at her job — when we spoke, she had won more than 125 contracts in just four years.

She gave us some awesome tips about how she wins contracts even when she’s not the lowest bid. One of our favorites? Emphasize accountability in the bidding process.

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What Does the Allied Universal Acquisition of USSA Mean for Your Security Company?



Remember when the largest security company in the world acquired one of their biggest competitors for $1 billion? Yeah, that happened.

Back in July, we reacted to this news by detailing seven ways small security businesses can compete with national firms.

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Turning Average Security Guards Into Top Rated Employees



One of our most popular posts from this year was about transforming average officers into top-notch employees.

“C” guards are necessary; no security company can get by only hiring the cream of the crop. Thankfully, by tweaking your hiring and management practices, you can get more value from these average guards and save money in the process.

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5 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Security Marketing Strategy

As winter turns to spring and spring turns to spring cleaning, how about cleaning up your reputation as well as your office?

Simple reputation management practices like tracking your online reviews and opening a polite conversation with people that gave you less than full marks can dramatically improve your web presence.

Read four more low-cost ways to improve your marketing:

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Johnny is a Customer Success Enthusiast for Silvertrac Software who is passionate about business, technology, and (of course) our customers! Johnny spent time in the security industry in Business Development, Marketing, and Operations before joining the Silvertrac team.