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Security company management software is an essential tool for improving operations at your company. What can it really show you?

096: How To React When a Client Accuses Your Officer of Lying

Everyone in the security industry knows what it’s like to be accused of lying. In this podcast, we share advice about how to react when your accused of lying.

Announcing the Silvertrac Referral Program

Silvertrac has officially launched a referral program! Check out the infographic for more information about how it works.

095: The Information You Avoid that Could be Killing Your Business

What information are you avoiding that could be killing your business? Learn more by listening to our podcast.

094: 5 Strategies to Keep, Renew, and Grow Your Existing Contracts

In the security industry, everyone dreads the ends of their contract terms. In this podcast, we discuss common pitfalls and false beliefs that can cause clients to choose not to renew their contracts, or to drop out of month-to-month agreements.

How to Improve Client Relations With Guard Management Software

Focusing on client success helps security companies win more bids and retain more clients. Learn how advanced reporting, additional services, and improved communication can help you make your clients more successful, improving your bottom line in the process.

Advice for Getting a New Security Guard Started Off Right

Security Officer is a job description that can be stressful or even hazardous, and it is a position that shows high turnover nationwide.

What Labor-Saving Technologies are Being Used in the Security Industry?

Technological innovations are leaving a significant footprint on the security industry. Labor costs are among the heaviest expenses for security companies.

What To Do If One of Your Guards is Assaulted On-Site

If it is the case that one of your personnel are assaulted while on the job, there are a few essential steps that you need to take to assess the situation.

New Ruling From California Supreme Court on Rest Breaks

The California Supreme Court ended 2016 with a brand new ruling about professional rest breaks and the rights of employees during those.

What Should Security Companies Address do to Avoid the Gender Gap?

Security companies are one type of business that often sees more male hires than female. Here are some ways on how to address the gender gap at your company.

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