Finding Success as a Small Security Company through Efficient Reporting

Lange Investigations uses Silvertrac

Antique Reporting Isn’t Enough

Lange Investigation and Consulting, LLC was started in 2014 by Roger Lange in Benton Harbor, Michigan. After a successful career in law enforcement, Roger decided to take a step into the private security industry. At Lange Investigation, he is on a mission to “consistently deliver professional results and offer the highest level of customer service.”

When he started his security company, Roger first used paper reporting - a process he describes as “antique.” He knew early on that this strategy wasn’t going to work long term and decided to buy computers for each site he decided to service. This solution didn’t improve things enough.

“The problem with both paper reporting and site computers was that my guards had to go and do their rounds and then they would have to come back to the office to file a report.”

Long story short, Roger Lange needed a better solution. He was running a small operation in a competitive area. Without a way to set his company apart, his opportunity to grow was limited.

The Right Solution Can Change Everything

Roger found Silvertrac by complete chance after seeing an officer using it at a mall in Chicago. He knew immediately what kind of impact it could have. As soon as he got back to Michigan, he made the switch.

When asked how his business has developed  since implementing Silvertrac, Roger was ready, saying “Silvertrac has been [his] all.” He gives the most credit to the increase in accountability he now has over his entire operation.

“Silvertrac gives you accountability, and that’s what so many clients look at and are attracted by. A few clients came to me from other companies because, to my knowledge, I’m the only one using Silvertrac in the entire Southwest Michigan area.”

Roger has seen two brand new opportunities since switching from paper reporting to guard management software. These changes have given him new opportunities and growth for his security company that he never thought would be possible.

National Expansion Through Cannabis Security

A cannabis company based in Colorado flew Roger out to their facilities to talk about security. They are planning an expansion into at least five areas in Michigan. This company is in need of air-tight cannabis security technology for their entire operation after hours. Lange Investigation will be running security for all of the cannabis company’s Michigan locations.

“The thing that sells and was very useful in the cannabis industry is accountability, reporting, and the ways that we're able to monitor. The cannabis group loved to hear that they can know what's going on after the shift is over.

Although Lange Investigation’s expansion is limited to the state of Michigan for now, doing business with a Colorado-based cannabis company that is going national is a huge step in the right direction for a small security operation trying to grow. And with the rise of states with legal cannabis, more and more small-to-mid size private security companies will reap the benefits of the growing industry.

However, cannabis security planning comes with its own set of requirements & complications. There are standards specific to the industry that have to be followed - including the option to have armed guards on-site of dispensaries, grow facilities and similar operations. Before streamlining his operation, Roger Lange wouldn’t have been able to focus on what changes he needed to make with his guards to be compliant with all of the regulations.

With a guard management system implemented, Roger now has more time and energy to make sure that his company is meeting those requirements and standards that come along with entering a new industry.

A Trusted Partner for Local Law Enforcement

Roger Lange, a career law enforcement officer, knows how important evidence is to upholding the law. A tenant at one of his client’s apartment complex tenant was reported for being unruly and disorderly and a fight broke out. He was able to use the DAR for the complex as evidence in court to back up the claims made by the client.

“Not only do we have the security officer giving their account, but they have proof because it’s documented in the DAR, and they've got body cam footage to confirm all if it. When our security officers went to court they sounded like they were a 20 year veteran in law enforcement getting on the stand to testify.”

What Now?

Without modernizing reporting methods, none of this growth and credibility would have been possible for Roger and his guard company.

Now that he has automatic accountability systems in place, Roger can put energy into going after his long-term goals for his business.

If you’ve found yourself stuck trying to grow your security business, we’re here to help. Schedule a demo with one of our amazing customer success managers to see how Silvertrac can take your business to the next level.

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