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Silvertrac doesn't just help you run your business, we help you grow your business.

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Silvertrac Security Management System

A Proven Formula for Growth

Silvertrac’s advanced security reporting and management system doesn't just improve the efficiency of your organization — it helps demonstrate your value to new & existing clients.

  • Quantifiable Performance Detailed summary reports that demonstrate everything your operation does to contribute value to the contract, from handling routine tasks to responding to critical incidents.
  • Quality Personnel Eliminate low-performing guards before they cost you a contract. Go one step further and use Silvertrac as a hiring tool to weed out lazy applicants.
  • Competitive Advantage Advanced security company software gives you an undeniable leg up on the competition. The best customers won't even ask if you use technology: it's expected.

Service That Adds Value.

Guards in the field report security incidents, receive tasks and alerts and scan property checkpoints all from their Silvertrac guard app on their mobile devices. All security, maintenance and parking issues are able to be handled remotely and appear on the real-time issue monitor online. This way dispatchers, supervisors, managers, and administrators all have live data to proactively monitor and resolve any issues.

Silvertrac Security Guard App
"The biggest benefit for us has to be our clients referring us to other customers because we use Silvertrac. Our company has grown by over 100% each year since using Silvertrac. Some of our core values are accountability and transparency. Silvertrac is our biggest tool in helping us meet and exceed our values on every service delivery we are involved with."
- Greg Keef, President, Triton Global Services, Inc.