3 Ways Using Property Reports Improves Security Operations

Property Report Use Cases

Reporting is one of the most important parts of a security company and its operations. Business owners and supervisors use reports to have a complete awareness of the operation. Reports also show clients exactly how their property is being taken care of and build trust between property owners and security companies.

Daily Activity Reports (DARs) are a standard operating procedure for security, but today we’re going to talk about a report specific to Silvertrac: Property Profile Reports.


A property profile report gives you the most simple overview of any property managed in Silvertrac. This report shows the most important aspects of a property in one centralized place: a photo of the property, the address and unit numbers, every issue type assigned to the property, locations, scheduled tasks, checkpoints, and any notes about the property.


Property Profile Report


I’m sure you can already see awesome ways to use this report in your operation, but let’s look at 3 specific ways you can use these reports to improve your business.

1. Security Officer Training

Having well-trained officers is critical to the success of a security company. Making sure officers are confident in your reporting procedures is a very important part of their training.

A Property Profile Report makes training guards on reporting procedures easy, even for properties with complicated requirements. Before they ever go to their first shift on a new property, a guard can get familiar with what’s expected of them.

Plus, it can help minimize mistakes on new properties after you close a deal. You can set up the property on Silvertrac before the first shift, get a Property Profile Report, and make sure every guard that will be on that property knows exactly what they should be doing on-site.

Pro Tip: Give guards a property report at least a week before their first shift to give them plenty of time to get comfortable. And keeping a printed report for each property in a binder at the office makes them super accessible.

2. Sales

We all know that selling security services isn’t easy. One of the hardest things to do is prove to a potential client that you can be a trusted partner.

Property Profile Reports are one simple way to prove to prospects that you are the best option. This report makes it as clear as possible to a prospect about what type of services they can expect from you.

During the proposal process, you will be able to provide your potential customers a highlight reel of your services. Plus it can be made specific to their property type.

Build a template property in the Silvertrac Portal that is the same property type as the prospect, put their name in the Property Name, and bring the printed report with you to the proposal meeting.

This will give you two advantages. First, you can prove your expertise and ambition to the prospect. Second, you can ask if there’s anything they don’t see in the report that they would want to be done at their property.

In just a few simple steps you have become that trusted partner in their eyes and the chances of you closing the deal are that much higher.

3. Administration

Like any other aspect of running a contract security business, having an organized office is important for success. Giving people the right access to the right information can make or break efficiency.

The Silvertrac Portal doesn’t have a limit on its number of logins so you can give anyone you want access to the system. But you don’t always want everyone to have access - whatever the reason might be.

The Property Profile Report is easy to make accessible to anyone in the office who needs a snapshot of a property but doesn’t need to manage the Silvertrac Portal. If a receptionist needs the maintenance number for a property or billing needs to know the date a property was added, that’s all available in the Property Profile Report.

Having easy access to the right information separates good security companies from great ones. The Property Profile Report is just one example of how easy it is to get that information in Silvertrac.

If you need more control and information to improve efficiency in your operation, schedule a demo with Silvertrac. You’ll see how simple it is to get the information you need to make your company successful.


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