Closing & Proposing for Security Professionals

“Always Be Closing” can be a tough strategy to emulate when you are selling security services.

 Join Brian Koehn & Silvertrac Software in this free training to get the secrets you need to win more contracts. Learn how to identify your prospect’s challenges & concerns during the sales process, while offering your security services as a solution (without being the lowest bid). Plus, get trained on how to drastically improve your contract proposals and stand out from the competition.

  • Tips to Increase Your Closed Deal Win Rate
  • How You Can Improve Your Proposals Starting Today
  • Sales Secrets Just for Small & Mid Size Security Companies

Bonus: Free Prospect Power Questionnaire, designed to identify the unique challenges of your security prospects during your next sale!


Brian Koehn VP, Sales & Marketing | ClientPoint Software

Rob Kirk Content Strategist| Silvertrac Software

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Between the price race to the bottom...

And increasing competition from the big firms, it’s getting harder for small & mid-sized companies to compete. That’s why we are bringing security sales expert Brian Koehn back to give you the secrets you need to win more profitable contracts.