041: Motivate Your Sales Team Without Spending More Money

Motivating Your Sales Team on a Budget

Being a salesperson in the security industry is a tough job. It involves long hours on the road, dealing with rejection, and having to entertain potential clients and maintain a positive attitude even on the worst days. Keeping sales staff happy and motivated can be tough, especially when you can’t afford to give them a bump in salary or commission. However, there are things you can do to motivate your sales team without having to spend extra money.

Compliment And Communicate

 Sales and operations need to work together as partners, not as two totally separate units. The sales team can only succeed if operations are building a good reputation for the company, and the operations team can only succeed if sales are bringing in new clients and not making promises they can’t keep. 

For that reason, take the time to really communicate with members of your sales team, and compliment them on their successes. Salespeople love the chase and the adrenaline rush of prospecting and closing big contracts, so give them a chance to share in that excitement with you. 

Don’t just give them a vague compliment either, like “Nice job on the XYZ account.” Talk about specific parts of their proposal, or their persistence in closing the deal, something that shows you genuinely paid attention and appreciate their work. When you’re giving this compliment, don’t be looking at your phone or checking email. Be focused on them. 

Allow them to talk too. Ask them about their sales process, what it took to close the deal. Not only will they enjoy the chance to brag about their success, you might learn some good tips that will help you with building out your sales team in the future.

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Low-Cost Incentives 

One of the toughest parts about being a salesman is the time spent on the road away from family. Calling up their spouse to thank them for the long hours and the time missed with family is a small gesture that can go a long way. Johnny, who spent time in sales before coming to Silvertrac, shared the story of getting a gift certificate to take his wife out to dinner and a nice e-mail from his boss after closing a big sale.

 “Having that feedback to be able to share with my wife kind of helps the situation at home,” he told me on today’s episode.  

A paid day off or two can be another great way to give them small reward. Let them spend some time at home, be with their family a little bit. A refreshed salesperson and a happy home life can do wonders for your business. 

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Harness Competition  

Salespeople tend to be competitive, and of course the commission structure tends to fuel that competitive drive. Little rewards for those who make the most sales or top other performance-based targets can tap into that competitive streak and motivate your staff. 

That said, you also want to make sure your team is still working together, so incentivize collaboration as well as competition. Consider providing small bonuses to successful managers willing to teach other salespeople the tips and tricks they’ve picked up through the years on how to prospect for clients and close deals.

I’ve hired a lot of salespeople in my day, and I’ve learned that everyone needs support. You can’t just hire business development manager and expect them to take care of everything on the sales side. Stay involved, treat your sales team well, and give them clearly defined targets and quality marketing tools so they can do their job well.

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Chris Anderson

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