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Security Guard Management in Real-Time

Prove Your Worth, Retain Your Clients

Sample screenshot of the Silvertrac Software guard management

With Silvertrac’s automated accountability & guard mangement software, you’ll know where your guards are and what they’re doing at all times – but that’s not the best part. By tracking guard performance and incidents, you can actually prove your value to your clients, keeping them happy (and even impressed).

Silvertrac's security guard management software will give you the tools to discover an underperforming officer before your client does. Which means better retention and faster growth.

Increase Visibility

Your supervisors can’t be everywhere at once…or can they? Silvertrac lets you see the location and tasks performed
by each guard while they’re on-site and produces an instant report at the end of each shift.

Silvertrac's security guard tracking tools aren't just designed to prove your guards are on site,
it's designed to account for the value your operation delivers to your clients.

Retain Customers

When you can prove where your guards are, what they’re doing, and how well they’re protecting each property, your customers will never want to leave (but they will want to tell their friends about you).

Introducing Silvertrac's security guard management system can increase your customer retention by an average of 38% per year. 

Sample screenshot of tablet version of Silvertrac Software guard management

How We Aim to Win Your Business

  • Increase the capacity of each supervisor
  • Weed out dishonest guards fast – as early as the job interview!
  • Forget paying for extra hardware – you only need a SmartPhone
  • Our security guard management software doesn’t drain phone batteries
  • Retain clients by quantifiably proving value
  • Trending incident stats let you tailor your security service to customers, a potential upsell
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