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The Top 19 Blogs and Publications for Security Professionals

19 Security Blogs Every Security Professional Should Follow

The Security industry is an evolving and changing sector. Luckily, there are amazing resources available online to help physical security professionals grow their knowledge and skill set.

Here are 19 security blogs and publications that cover a broad range of topics from security, law enforcement, sales, marketing, finance, security operations, and more.

Digital Security Blogs

The internet has made security topics like officer training, business development and news accesbile 24/7/365. Here's some of the online security blogs we keep up with frequently:

1. ASIS Online

The American Society for Industrial Security, better known as ASIS, is considered the premier source for learning, standards, research, and networking. Their publication, Security Management Magazine, is an excellent source of useful industry knowledge.

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2. SDM Magazine

SDM Magazine publishes articles regarding security management and technical solutions, specifically the sale, installation, service, and monitoring of electronic security systems. Follow their blog for business and operational trends affecting the security industry.

Recommended Read: The Sales Stars Column

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3. Security Magazine

Security Magazine provides relevant news and information about the latest security equipment and trends. Follow their blog for helpful opinions from top security executives.

Recommended Read: The Management and Physical categories contain applicable information for companies with a focus on guard services.

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4. Security Today

Security Today is dedicated to providing members of the security industry with information focused on current trends, news, and products.

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5. Security Solutions Magazine

The award-winning Security Solutions Magazine website contains a wealth of information, including industry news, equipment, operations, and reviews.

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6. Professional Security Magazine

Stay up to date with the latest security news and views by following Professional Security Magazine. This site offers an impressive video library of the latest security equipment and trends, as well.

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7. Security Info Watch

Security Info Watch provides security professionals with the latest product reports and reviews. Their industry discussion forum and Security 101 videos and podcasts are both excellent sources of current security news and product information.

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8. Officer Magazine

One of the top publications of the law enforcement community, Officer Magazine is great for security professionals looking to stay up to date on the law enforcement community. They also have a lot of training information that applies to security officers.

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9. Campus Security and Life Safety

Campus Security and Life Safety is a great resource for professionals with a focus on campus safety and/or goals of winning business in the education sector. Their publication Security Today reviews airport, campus security, life safety, and offers interactive training courses on the latest security technology.

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10. Thinkcurity

Physical security's newest source for free articles, webinars, resources & tools all designed to help security professionals get ahead in the industry. Thinkcurity was founded in summer 2019 as a monthly webinar series and has exploded onto the scene as one of the top online resources for information directly from security experts & thought-leaders.

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11. Ignite Security Marketing

Dedicated exclusively to security industry marketing, the Ignite RMR blog publishes knowledgeable growth strategies and sales advice customized for security professionals. Although focusing primarily on alarm system companies, a lot of the same principles they teach and share here can be applied to companies providing guard services.

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12. Silvertrac Extra

Shameless plug here... At Silvertrac , we have been releasing tools, e-books, webinars, podcasts, and blogs for the better part of 10-years. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our resources, drop us a quick note.

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Security Associations

Besides the blogs above, some of the largest private security associations in the United States and abroad curate content on a consistent basis. These are some of the organizations we go to first to keep up with industry news.

13. Security Industry Association

The Security Industry Association features relevant information and insightful articles. Read the latest news and information from security industry experts here.

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The National Organization of Security Companies (NASCO) strives to set a standard of excellence as a leader of the security industry and provides industry news and information on updates regarding upcoming security events.

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15. Private Officer International

Private Officer International states that their mission is “To enhance professionalism in the security industry through the establishment of standards, the promotion and promulgation of ethics and education, and to engage the political process for the good of the industry.”

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16. Property Management Insider

For security professionals serving property managers, Property Management Insider can help you understand their world and become a better partner by monitoring industry trends.

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The California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates (CALSAGA) is a knowledgeable voice of the industry and has an informative quarterly newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

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Associated Security Services and Investigators of the State of Texas (ASSIST) has maintained a key role in the molding of the private security regulatory environment for 20 years in Texas. Check out Managing Security Today Magazine for informative articles regarding the business practices, regulations, and technology of the security industry.

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Suggested by Our Readers

The resources listed below have been suggested by our readers! If you'd like to see additional resources added to this list contact us or leave a comment below.

19. The El Dorado Insurance Agency Blog

For 50+ years El Dorado Insurance has been providing specialized insurance private security companies. Their newsletter, "On Guard", is great for companies with a focus on security guards, alarms, and private investigation.

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Bonus: Robert H. Perry & Associates

With an impressive track record of over 30 years of experience, Robert H. Perry and Associates represents security guard companies and offers amazing resources for those considering buying or selling within the industry. Subscribe to their publication here.

Recommended Read: Check out a webinar we recently did with Robert regarding the State of the Physical Security Industry (now available on-demand).

Are there any publications or resources we missed? Let us know! Leave a comment below or contact us and we'll add it to the list!

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