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No Call No Show – How to Resolve it

How to Resolve No-Call No Show

A no-call, no-show is never ideal in any industry, and being one employee short can poorly effect an entire shift. This is no different in the security guard industry where a single individual not showing up for work may leave an entire post unguarded, leading to liability issues and unhappy customers. 

If this happens to you, here’s what to do to resolve the situation:  

Know When Guards Are on Their Posts

In the security industry, no-call, no-shows are a common occurrence, but managers aren't often aware their guards aren't there. This is why a high-quality tracking software allows managers to see if and when guards arrive at their posts in real-time. Not only will that help you know when an employee isn't there, but it also holds them accountable, which may be a deterrent to future issues.

Find an Available Guard

Using GPS and other advanced features from a guard management software system like Silvertrac, you’ll be informed right away if a guard won’t be at their post.  Because of that critical information, you’ll be able to take action. You could call a guard who had indicated previous availability to cover the shift or pull a guard from a less important task to ensure your key posts are being taken care of. In any case, having detailed information at your fingertips can go a long way to help resolve the situation.

Communicate Policies

After the fact, you need to communicate to the employee who missed their shift the importance of sticking to the rules. Communicating expectations and enforcement will help staff members understand what's expected of them and know the consequences that may occur should they deviate from their schedules.

It's essential to teach new employees the rules and make sure they understand what's expected. As new guards are undergoing training, they should be paired up with reliable employees who understand the importance of showing up to work.

New hires should also be invited to ask questions about the company's accountability standards, policies, and procedures. The more informed they are, the less likely they are to develop bad habits down the road.

Address Repeat Offenders

Inevitably, there will be a staff member who takes advantage of their situations and is consistently late or a no-show. Some steps you can take to ensure this employee is taken care of personally include:

  • Have one-on-one discussions
  • Reinforce the importance of each person showing up to their post
  • Explain the possibilities of termination

No-call, no-shows may never go away completely, but with the proper procedures and technology in place, you'll help to head off the problems that can result from unmanned posts, ultimately securing your security company's value in your clients' eyes.

If you don't currently have a way to know whether or not your guards are showing up, it's time to put Silvertrac to work for you. Contact our team to schedule a free demo today!

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