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The Importance of Regional Associations

Regional Associations

Continued education and networking are critical to success in the physical security industry. There are a number of ways that security professionals can get continued education through online courses and workshops, but networking can be a little more challenging. It can take time and money that is already accounted for in other important areas of the business.

With that said, working with your local security association can be cost-effective, highly educational, and a great networking opportunity. Regional security associations are usually statewide organizations but can also be found at the city or county level. Just keep in mind that not every state, city, or county will have their own association.

Regional security association members consist of security companies, vendors and industry experts that work in that region. Membership perks include everything from legislative updates, industry happenings, general business best practices, and educational events.

For the perks and information members receive, we highly recommend revisiting your budget, if you haven’t done so already, to reallocate funds for a yearly membership. The ROI on the knowledge and networking you will receive far surpasses the money that you have to put into the membership.

Membership dues typically range from $250-$500 per year, depending on the type of membership you want. The only additional fees are usually for larger events hosted by the association.

The California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards, and Associates (CALSAGA) has been serving the California security industry since 1994. With an industry promise to educate and drive legal action regarding physical security licensing, training, screening, and business standards, CALSAGA has played an important role in advancing the physical security industry in California.

CALSAGA members receive the most up-to-date information on industry compliance and best practices, as well as networking opportunities and shared resources through eNewsletters,The Californian (a quarterly digital publication), and a variety of live events

“Raise and improve the quality of service and public perception of the security industry by promoting industry growth and providing information, education, improved standards, legislative and regulatory agency advocacy, money-saving benefits, and personal development.” - CALSAGA Mission Statement

Recently, the Silvertrac Customer Success team got a change to attend the 2019 CALSAGA Conference to learn about current industry trends and market dynamics. The team participated in a number of different educational sessions, including:

  • BSIS Compliance – What Every Company Should Know
  • Legal Update — New Laws Affecting the Private Security Industry
  • Cannabis in California

Besides these very informative sessions, the team was able to participate in the different networking events that took place at the conference. They got to chat with clients and other security professionals during booth hours, and congratulate industry members recognized for their outstanding work at their Recognition of Outstanding Achievement Awards dinner.


At the Silvertrac booth, the Customer Success team was very excited to demo our updated iOS app, which is currently in beta-testing. The updated app includes:

So far, we have received great feedback on the updates and are excited to continue testing. If you are interested in being a beta-tester, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Silvertrac sales team at 888-505-8722 x3.

Overall, the team had a great time meeting with industry professionals and learning about the changes happening in California. Silvertrac looks forward to our continued work with CALSAGA.

If joining a regional association isn’t in your budget or there is not one in your area, there are still plenty of resources available to keep updated on industry standards, legislation, and happenings. Take a look at the top 19 blogs & publications we recommend.

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