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What Clients Want: 10 Benefits of Real-Time Security Reporting


As a security company owner pitching a potential client, the fast-track to winning the contract is to speak to them in terms of benefits. Their benefits. Let property managers know what you can do for them, and they will not only give you their business, you’ll be able to form a mutually beneficial partnership. One of Silvertrac’s main selling points can also become your selling point: Real-time security reporting. Here, we’ve outlined 10 benefits of this feature so you can rattle them off the next time you want to impress a client and close the deal.

1. Reports that make property managers look good.
Silvertrac not only collects detailed records on what happens on a property in real-time, it also allows you to produce beautiful reports that make property managers look good during capital inspections.

2. Easy risk assessment.
Real-time incident reporting that addresses liability issues in terms of risk means that property managers are informed of problems in time to prevent them. Silvertrac is the only software that offers this unique perspective and displays all property issues on one monitor for easy access.

3. Tangible ROI from happy tenants.
When we built Silvertrac, we listened to property managers tell us about their biggest “pain points.” The one mentioned most was maintaining occupancy levels. Unresolved noise and parking complaints are the most common reasons why tenants leave, so to help property managers keep tenants happily renewing leases, we focused our efforts there. We give residents a portal to air their grievances, report issues and make maintenance requests – which adds no additional work for property managers. The result? Increased lease renewals, decreased “cure and quit” notices, and far fewer liability issues like slip, trip, and fall incidents.

4. Tangible ROI from happy insurance carriers.
Proactive security measures aren’t just appreciated by tenants – they’re noticed and rewarded by insurance carriers. Many Silvertrac clients enjoy liability discounts.

5. Less time spent placating angry tenants.
Possibly the worst part of being a property manager is dealing with angry tenants; and it happens far more often than it should. By giving tenants an online place to make their concerns known, property managers can spend less time handling heated issues in person, and more time fixing the real issues.

6. Predict security issues before they happen.
Security tends to be reactive, but when you have records of months and years of previous incidents, you have the power to make proactive decisions. Real-time reporting software allows security companies and property managers to see emerging trends on specific security issues.

7. Across-the-board accountability.
“Accountability” is a word that tends to be tossed around too much, but we like to go back to what it really means: Knowing who’s doing what, when, and where, at all times. Our security, maintenance and parking modules offer real-time reporting so property managers have the comfort of knowing they’re on top of it all.

8. When the owner has a question, the manager has an answer.
Real-time reporting means never being caught off-guard by a question from the property owner. Property managers have immediate access to a complete site overview, and an overview of each issue or incident.

9. No crystal ball required.
Property managers are often asked to see into the future when creating budgets and allocating funds. With real-time reporting, we remove the guess work and offer actual statistics. Data can be broken down by street, building, or individual unit, and can be further broken down into the top 10 most reported issues, so you know which issues require special attention.

10. Increased personal ROI.
A property manager’s performance is judged largely on the number of tenants they bring in and retain. Security companies that use Silvertrac are such a strong selling feature that they actually help fill units. Everyone wants to feel secure in their living or work space, which means that by providing a safe environment, property managers gain reputations for excellence.

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Johnny Page

Johnny Page

Johnny is a Customer Success Enthusiast for Silvertrac Software who is passionate about business, technology, and (of course) our customers! Johnny spent time in the security industry in Business Development, Marketing, and Operations before joining the Silvertrac team.


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