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094: 5 Strategies to Keep, Renew, and Grow Your Existing Contracts

Everyone dreads the end of their security contract terms. In this podcast, we discuss what can cause clients to choose not to renew their contracts.

One Surefire Way to Renew Contracts Every Time

Renewing security contracts with existing customers is key for any successful operation. See our advice for finding ways to keep them coming back to you.

097: 5 Simple Steps to Help Break a Sales Slump

Break a security sales slump by using these 5 effective steps to create a robust sales proposal and build trust with a potential client.

095: The Top Referral Sources for the Security Industry

6 tips for creating a list of excellent business referrals and how to network outside of the security guard industry.

054: Why Prospects Don't Like Salespeople

By understanding the reasons prospects balk at the sight of salespeople, you can counter their negative perceptions and become a valuable resource.

039: How Guard Management Software Will Change Your Sales Pitch...

Technology has changed, and your sales pitch should change with it. We discuss how guard management software can help you win clients.

036: Using Lunch & Learns to Generate New Leads pt. 2

On this episode, we followup part 1 of our series on lunch & learns with the best tips for crafting an agenda and leaving a good impression on potential customers.

030: Using Lunch & Learns to Generate Leads pt. 1

On today's episode we talk about the benefits of using lunch and learns to generate security bid leads and how to get a commitment from a potential customer.

025: Should I Use Security Reporting Software as an Upsell or Value Add?

On today's episode, we help customers answer an important question: Should I use security reporting software as an upsell or value add?

009: 3 Surefire Ways to Gain the Upper Hand in the Sales Process

Most of the time, the sales process in the security industry comes down to one thing... pricing. Use these 3 easy techniques to gain the upper hand and start winning more security contracts.

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