How Your Competitors Win More Deals in Parking Management

Parking Lot Management Contracts

Do you get the feeling that your proposals are getting the same treatment as yesterday’s news? Is your bid lining a bird cage right now while your competitors are landing deals right and left? Well, there’s a reason other people are winning more deals in parking management. They do have something you don’t – a few things, in fact.

  1. The right kind of proposal

Most proposals use up 90 percent of their text talking about how great the security company is. What I learned is that it doesn’t matter how well you train your officers, how unique your management system is, or how many years you’ve been in business. What does matter is your approach to solving the client’s specific problems. The next time you’re writing a proposal, instead of talking about your industry experience and accountability, actually outline a plan of action that accomplishes your prospective client’s goals.

  1. Understand your client’s perspective, and where you fit into their picture

Complaints property managers hear most often are about the quality and safety of parking, which makes parking management key to improving their day-to-day experiences. Residential parking can be an ongoing nightmare for most property managers, but with Silvertrac’s real time security and parking module, you can offer clients an updated parking book 24/7, in real time. Property managers know that parking problems don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule, which means a real time solution is exactly what they need.

  1. A solution residents and managers love

When you have a robust parking management software, it doesn’t just make managers’ lives easier – residents love it too. Residents appreciate virtual parking permits, which eliminate the need for window stickers or rear-view window hanging tags. Managers love that vehicles can be registered online 24/7, creating instant updates to the parking book. And utilizing software also increases accurate parking space mapping, so managers can easily allocate parking spaces closer to the vehicle owner’s unit, and advanced parking modules include license plate identification. Parking violators can pay their fines online also, which cuts down on uncomfortable confrontation.

When you want to win a proposal, ask yourself: What problems does this client have, and how can you – and Silvertrac – help solve them?


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Casey Evans