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What Security Guard Companies Should Know About Cyber Security

What Security Guard Companies Should Know About Cyber Security

With the recent rise of cyber attacks, and 43% of cyber criminals now specifically targeting small businesses, knowing how to protect ourselves from online threats has never been so important. However, with lots of different advice and various preventative software available online, we wouldn't blame a security guard company  for not knowing where to start - or, for that matter, who to trust.

In this article, we're going to discuss some best practices on how small security guard businesses can keep themselves safe from the very real threat of cyber attacks. First, let's take a look at some of the main cyber security threats most small businesses face today:

What are the biggest cyber threats to small businesses?

1. Phishing Attacks

According to a recent report by Symantec, small businesses are now a huge target for phishers - that is, those who send fraudulent emails in the hope of fooling the victim into entering their security details, leaving them vulnerable to attack. 

These phishing attacks are usually targeted at employees in charge of finances, and could put a company's entire financial security at risk, with cyber criminals potentially gaining access to funds and other vital information - leading to potentially disastrous consequences for any business. 

2. Hacking of customer accounts

Another very real threat is when criminals target a company's data banks to access customer accounts - or perhaps the hacking of a customer device. Regardless, it then becomes possible for cyber thieves to make fraudulent transactions and steal customer data. 

Customer security is a huge concern for many businesses that deal with a large customer base, but with small businesses now also becoming targets, cautionary steps are advised.

3. Intellectual property theft

Finally, intellectual property theft is another problem for many businesses currently working hard on developing new systems and ideas to further themselves and get ahead of the competition.

Hackers could potentially gain access to a company's system in order to steal their ideas, and get them patented first - it may sound far-fetched to some, but it actually happens quite a lot, costing the US an estimated $300 billion every year. 

How small security guard businesses can protect themselves

So, how can small security guard businesses prepare themselves from the rising threat of cyber attacks? The simple answer is to take preventative measures now, rather than be sorry later.

Below, we're going to discuss some advice and best practices for better cyber security. 

1. Talk Strategy with an IT Expert

We're aware that not all small businesses will have their own IT departments, so if not, it's time to bring an expert in for a bit of advice about how to best prevent cyber attacks in future. 

2. Keep Staff Trained and up-to-speed

Staff training plays a crucial role in keeping businesses safe from cyber security threats. Guards  should be informed about using strong passwords, what to do if they receive a suspicious email (delete it without opening), and general security awareness. 

3. Update Software Regularly

It's important to ensure all their software is kept up-to-date, including anti-virus protection and security software. We'd also recommend using anti-spyware/malware removal software for additional protection against attacks.

In the event that anti-virus software is unable to remove something suspicious installed on an employee's computer, they should immediately contact an IT specialist for assistance.

Silvertrac Software employs the latest in cyber security technology to keep your security guard company safe from attacks. If you want to see this great software in action, request a demo today!


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