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7 Ways to Use Accountability to Get More Out of Your Guards

7 Ways to Gain Accountability from Security Guards

Accountability is essential in the security industry. Without it, your clients can't depend on the security provider to deliver the services they require. It is the bedrock of a successful business and will help you get better performance out of your guards.

Managers and operators need to instill the principles of accountability within the security team from day one. The rewards are well worth the effort.

1. Start with Training

Train your guards to do their jobs the way you want them to perform. Make sure they have the skills and training required to respond to situations, remain alert while guarding people and property, and file reports at the end of the day. When training is emphasized, it sets the bar for accountability because everyone will have the tools and skills to do what is expected of them.

2. Assist Your Employees

Help them do their jobs by providing the tools and information they need to perform. Most importantly, provide positive and constructive feedback on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Don't wait for the annual performance review to identify and correct actions and incidents. When providing feedback, offer steps and suggestions on the ways the security guard can enhance their skills. 

3. Be Introspective

"The buck stops here." It's a motto that applies to more than just presidents. The way the boss holds themselves accountable will transfer to the team. If there's a failure, it's the boss’s failure too. As such, the boss needs to look at his or her own actions and determine if they contribute to a culture of accountability and high standards, or if they are creating a lax and lazy atmosphere that leads to performance failures.

4. Promote Teamwork

"We" is the most important word in the security industry. "We are a team," "We are responsible for our client's security," "We are responsible for our success or failure." Emphasizing this one word can have a significant impact on a security guard's morale and commitment to excellence. The result will be a long-term improvement in the quality of the services the company offers. 

5. Become a Leader

Always lead by example. Show the team how the job needs to be done. Show them the high standards they need to aspire to by modeling the right behaviors and actions each and every day. This will show them where the bar is. Coach them on how they can adopt these behaviors into their own daily routines.

6. Celebrate the Wins

The burglary was stopped? The li'l ole' lady was saved from the dastardly band of muggers? Celebrate the wins the security team puts under their belts. Give credit and applaud their achievements at every opportunity. Positive recognition goes a long way towards boosting morale and showing guards that their efforts are appreciated and recognized. In addition to reinforcing accountability, positive reinforcement creates loyalty and leaders that the company can depend on.

7. Nurture Potential

No one starts out as an expert security guard, and everyone has room to grow. By spending time with the team, it is possible to discover their potential. Maybe this guard needs more training, maybe that guard needs more recognition. By getting to know the team members, it is possible to identify areas for growth and develop individualized solutions that can help them reach their full potential.

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