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An incident summary report should quantify the impact of your security services contract. Learn how to best deliver your next report with these tips.

063: 3 Characteristics of Successful Silvertrac Customers

These three things separate the customers that get the most out of Silvertrac's guard management software from those that don't.

Customer Spotlight ft. Richard Sparks Global Security Management Agency

We talk to longtime customer Richard Sparks of GSMA, and he shares his insights on how to get the most out of security guard management software.

035: Customer Spotlight ft. G Woodbury & Associates

Greg Woodbury of G. Woodbury and Associates, which offers security guard services and investigations, shares how Silvertrac has impacted his business.

028: What Happens When a Resident Approaches a Guard with a Machete...

Rich Sanchez from Full Armor Worldwide joins us to share some security industry stories, including the time a resident approached him with a machete and how he responded.

011: Travis Taylor Uses a Guard Tour System to Improve His Business

Mobile patrol operator Travis Taylor shares how the Silvertrac Guard Tour system has made his business more efficient on today's episode.

004: The Keys to Success When Launching a Mobile Patrol

What makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful security patrol contract? Listen in as Johnny and Chris interview Charles Gaines and Scott Campf to learn a few keys to launching a successful mobile patrol.

003: Dan Vincent - From Law Enforcement to Security Entrepreneur

Listen in as Johnny and Chris interview Dan Vincent to give you an inside look at how he successfully transitioned from law enforcement to the private security industry.

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