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Most security companies have trouble winning new contracts. Improve your security sales & marketing with these free email templates and turn bids into profitable contracts.

Handling Problem Customers in the Security Industry

You’ve experienced it before: dealing with a demanding, short, over-bearing, impossible-to-satisfy customer that seems so intent on milking every last dime of profit from your already thin margins.

How to Engage Your Customers as a Security Company

In this post I'll talk about How to Engage Your Customers as a Security Company.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Relationships

So as a busy security operator, with all of the things on your list of to-dos, how do you find time to create and develop relationships that last? If relationships are really that important, how should you prioritize your time among other pressing issues like hiring, scheduling, business development, and customer service?

Vendors Fired, Partners Paid: Security Reporting Software the Difference

Most security firms are vendors - but the best are partners. Find out how security reporting software helps you bridge the gap.

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