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An incident summary report should quantify the impact of your security services contract. Learn how to best deliver your next report with these tips.

How to Calculate Security Patrol Vehicle Life-Cycle Cost Better

There's a lot that goes into calculating the lifecycle cost of a security patrol vehicle. We break down the numbers in a simple process for your entire fleet using our free security vehicle cost calculator!

4 Security Guard Tips From An Experienced Patrol Officer

Robert, a 32-year security industry vet, gives guard tips and strategies for everyday problems that you'll encounter on patrol, like staying awake and frozen locks.

3 Advantages to Using QR Codes for Guard Tours over RFID, NFC Tags

While QR Codes, RFID, and NFC tags can all work for guard tour systems, we think QR codes are the most efficient option.

5 Essential Steps to Optimizing a Security Mobile Patrol Route

By calculating mobile patrol costs and using these 5 simple steps, security companies can generate more profits with mobile patrols month-over-month.

What Equipment Should I Include in a Security Patrol Vehicle?

On today's episode, we cover the must-have security equipment needed to make every guard patrol more efficient and profitable.

019: How to Make Money on Your Mobile Patrols

On today's episode, we discuss common mistakes that keep operators from making money on mobile security patrols and tools to address these issues.

004: The Keys to Success When Launching a Mobile Patrol

What makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful security patrol contract? Listen in as Johnny and Chris interview Charles Gaines and Scott Campf to learn a few keys to launching a successful mobile patrol.

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