Training Your Officers Just Got Easier

Site-specific prompts make field training simple.

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Silvertrac Security Guard Training Software

Employee Turnover? No Problem

High employee turnover is an issue throughout the security industry, and it can take a serious toll on your resources and revenue. Every time you hire a new officer, someone has to go into the field and train them on the specifics of their patrol.

What if you could train these new guards remotely and save your resources?

Silvertrac’s built-in contextualized field training lets you do just that. The Silvertrac app walks each new officer through the property and automatically prompts them to complete necessary tasks at each checkpoint. If a task isn’t completed, your supervisors are notified immediately.

You train the Silvertrac app once per property—we’ll take over from there.

Transform Your "C" Guards into "A" Guards

  • Increase Accountability: With instant alerts for unfinished tasks, officers are incentivized to do their jobs right the first time around.
  • Don’t Rely on Memory: Pop-up reminders keep guards aware of their responsibilities. “I forgot,” is no longer an excuse.
  • Train Dynamically: Security needs are always changing. Adjust post orders as necessary in response to new developments.
Silvertrac Security Guard Field Training Software
Richard McCarthy, Operations Manager, Actual Security, Inc.
“Right away the Silvertrac team pulls away from the rest and is in a class of their own, they do not simply provide Software as a Service. They are a partner in your business that genuinely wants to help you succeed in winning and retaining contracts.”
- Richard McCarthy, Operations Manager, Actual Security, Inc.