Accountability from the Top Down

Increase visibility into your business at every level

If you Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It


When our long-term customers ask us about other applications for Silvertrac, we suggest personnel management. Track performance for guards, supervisors, management and everyone in between; get every ounce of productivity out of your non-billable hours; and reward your best people.

Who Supervises The Supervisor?

Ensure your supervisors are true extensions of your leadership by keeping track of their performance over time, and ensuring that non-billable hours are as productive as possible. You’ll know every time a supervisor arrives on site for a site or officer inspection.


Increase Employee Retention

When all attention is on quality control, the best employees often fall through the cracks, never receiving recognition. SilverTrac’s data lets you recognize those who do their jobs well so you can reward them accordingly.

Silvertrac Puts Time On Your Side

  • Add value in your sales process with this complete quality assurance program.
  • Base “Employee of the Month” on real data – not impressions or guesswork.
  • Detailed internal performance reports tell you how long it takes officers to respond to tasks.
  • Safeguard your non-billable hours by ensuring productivity and efficiency from supervisors.
  • Never forget to review an officer’s performance – no one falls through the cracks.
  •  Analyze data accrued over time from every supervisor and guard inspection for better performance review.
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