Provide Value Every Minute, and Prove It

Silvertrac delivers real-time accountability for patrols

Security Patrol Software Provides Value Every Minute,
And Proves It...

Guard Tour checkpoints using QR-codes or NFC tags prove that patrols are present and accountable. Then the daily activity report tells the story of how they make sites safer. Using incident reports gathered over time, you can then prove the efficacy of your patrols and alter strategies to further reduce risk.


100% Accountability

Guard tour checkpoints on every property don’t lie – you’ll know when patrols arrive and what they are doing in real-time.


Increase Efficiency & Profitability of Patrols

SilverTrac’s simple guard tour system saves time, which means your patrols can take on more tours, spend less time reporting, and provide greater value.

A More Productive Patrol

  • Patrols generate detailed reports on-site, reporting what they find in real-time.
  • QR Coded checkpoints leave no task unfinished.
  • Daily activity reports tell the story of how your patrols prevent and deter incidents.
  • Improve patrol strategies over time for greater efficacy based on real data.
  • Reduce training time with on-site, automatically generated instructions.
  • Get the job done the same way, every time – cross-training patrols has never been easier.
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