Quality Control at Your Fingertips

Whether it’s Your #1 Guard or Your #25 Guard –
They’ll Do the Job Right

Faster field-training with accountability and quality control.

High turnover means spending time – and overtime – training new guards. Free that time with SilverTrac’s unique auto-prompt system that sends site-specific instructions to your guards’ smart phone, auto-prompting tasks at each checkpoint.


Something Not Right? You’ll Know First

If any task is left incomplete, red flags pop up so supervisors can act before the client ever notices anything amiss.


Reduce Training Time

Whether it’s their first time on site or their fiftieth time, they’ll do the job to your standards.

Less Time Training, Higher Quality Work - Really

  • Position your officers for success, instead of asking them to
    remember lengthy to-do lists.
  • Change post orders as necessary in response to new developments.
  • Guards and patrols know what to look for, what to do, and can
    take photos and notes.
  • Leave no critical task unfinished with pop-up reminders at each checkpoint.
  • Reduce or eliminate cross-training time with SilverTrac’s
    auto prompts throughout each site.
  • Guard or patrol not performing up to your standards? You’ll know immediately.
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