Security Dispatch Software
Respond to Alarms & Incidents Fast

All of your communication in one place.

When Gotham Calls – Is Your Line Tied Up?

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Stay informed with a 24-7 live Parking Book that tells you who is registered to which space, including guests and visitors. No stickers or parking passes required, and no manual updates either.

Fast Communication Improves Accountability

Track incidents from first report and officer arrival to close with one central communication hub.

All-In-One System

Handle a high volume of calls and requests with minimal staff. The result: Faster response times and impressed clients.


Talk is Cheap – But Faster, Easier Communication is Priceless

  • Alarm response is so quick and easy, you’ll want more of these accounts.
  • Answer questions on the phone with info from the guard in the field – it’s all the same system.
  • Let your clients add value to their customers with end-user online and phone issue reporting.
  • Receive incidents and communicate with guards in real-time via SmartPhone.
  • Track incidents from first call to final report in one simple system.
  • When responses are this fast, you can grow your business in the time you save.
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